Ex-Scientologist story #379, “Your like the Raelians, except they admit upfront about space aliens.”

You come back? Thanks for warning me, I’ll be sure to hide the silverware.

This letter by Damian Arntzen goes right to the point; he is sick of Scientology and doesn’t want anything whatsoever to do with it again.

Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 21:48:27 +0800

Dear Carmen/Every-other-OSA-goon-who-reads-this,

Monday of this week found a letter in my future Mother-In-Laws mail from the E/O PEF. She claimed that was the only address she had to contact me and my fiancée. Funny, obviously you guys never talked about me (What with me being an “evil SP” and all), otherwise she would know damn well there are quicker ways of getting in contact with me.

We were being offered a chance to repent before March 1st or else our declares go uplines. Again, another outpoint – How many times have I stated and made it so clear that I am not coming back? So either you two never discussed the quite-overt activities of me; the “evil SP”; or you two have some *serious* misunderstoods somewhere. I’m quite confident that my fiancee views things the same way. I realise that creative writing is *very* difficult; especially when we have no criminal records and so you’d have to fabricate such stuff; but how long has this taken?

If I had the time, I’d show my good intentions and my ability to remain in good standing in one place – By picketing your org. Lucky for you however, such cannot happen just yet. But it’s a definite possibility. You’d be surprised how many people here really *don’t* like your silly little con.

I even have a good analogy happening – Your like the Raelians, except they admit upfront about space aliens etc. You guys charge thousands for the same information.

As a final note – Please remove me, my fiancée and her mother from your mailing lists. We’ve been in contact with a lawyer regarding your unsolicited junk mail, and will pursue it further if you do not cease.

Yours Sincerely, Damian Arntzen

The above letter can be found here:


For added fun here is a picket in NYC from 2008.  Scientology hates pickets; so if you ever want to get under their skin just join one for a few hours.

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  1. greetings from paris france
    this cult must be banned

  2. Great letter, Damian. Short, sweet (in the best possible ways), to the point (also in the best possible way – in my not-a-Scientologist opinion). No “acceptable truths,” no Scientology lingo, no descending into endless, foul-mouthed name-calling, nor “What are your crimes!?,” school of communication.

    I really enjoyed how you spoke to her/them; as I said; “short, sweet,” and on no uncertain terms. Excellent work. Respect~!

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