Ex-Scientologist story #380, Gary Brown: “I renounce The Cult of Scientology.”


I’d like to make it public that I renounce The Cult of Scientology. I regret ever helping them or having anything to do with them. I AM Gary Brown of South Shields

former staff member of AOSH UK Sunderland New Era Publicatipons .  . .

Who wants to hear about the death of their c/s. A horrible story. Died the same time as Lisa McPherson. Just as gruesome, just as callous. He wanted to leave them but they wouldn’t let him leave. They (Mauro Calcioli, Hilary Hoogewuerf and whoever else had influence over those two people) When the c/s became crippled the ed saids we don’t want any cripples in our organisation. They blamed the c’ses mother for making him crippled. Calling her an SP. Mrs Dresner, mother of Simon Dresner, probably was an ordinary lady.

How come all of these Scientology deaths are someone elses fault ?

Or who wantts to hear about Author Services cheating to get Hubbards books on the best seller lists ? The time when the publishing staff had inside knowledge on which stores sales would be used to make the Sunday Times Best Seller List in England. Then the staff, including me went to those stores and bought loads of copies each. We really fooled the Sunday Times and got The Invaders Plan on the best seller list 🙂

That’s all for now. God rebukes you Hubbard, L Ron Hubbard IS the false prophet

I asked the Cult to expel me and declare me a suppressive person. But so far they haven.t. Perhaps the master’s don’t like to get to get orders from a “junior” superior.

Gary (ps any sea org following me will get their head punched right off their shoulders, and that includes Bob Keenan who followed me in London 2 years ago Don’t do it.)

This 2004 Internet posting can be found here: http://www.holysmoke.org/cos/bye-gary-brown.htm

For added fun I have included an interview with Jenna Miscavige Hill, the niece of Little Davy.

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  1. The Holy Scriptures written by The GOD L. Ron. Hubbard
    The God Ron said “Never Defend, Always Attack”. He “thought” and then “Doctrine of Fair Game” came into being into this Sinful World to control it.
    He saw that people got sick and he claimed to all mankind. “That all illness in greater or lesser degree and all foul-ups stem directly and only from a PTS condition”.
    He saw that all real causes of illnesses and symptoms, had to be suppressed, hidden, erased from his Ronbots’ brains, so he needed a way to keep the fraud secret. So he claimed to his slaves that all the REAL CAUSES of illnesses in the world were only an illusion and a deception created by psychiatrists to dominate the world in mental health and MDs in physical health.
    “So long as a physiological phenomenon remains the knowledge of a few and is denied to the many it can be utilized to control the many.” LRH (from Journal of Scientology Issue 4-G from Oct. 1952)

    But the truth even though suppressed, has been exposed. I am the only living soul (outside of upper Sea Org staff) who knows exactly how his 72 hour delayed physiological reactions (restimulation) really work, and why it works and how to stop it from working or reverse it.

    Scientology’s God Ron has hidden this physiological phenomenon as their secret, of a human function so old that it came before mankind could walk. Even animals have physiological reactions, and the God RON claims that if your dog is sick, you had to suppress it by making it PTS to you.

    The God Ron claims that 72 hours after being near a Suppressive Person you or your pet will get sick. He claims that all SPs restimulate and is the ONLY cause or source of ALL illnesses and accidents or foul-ups. But the cult also claims that ALL people that dislike and/or oppose Scientology are Suppressive Persons without exception.

    Then God Ron ordered “Disconnection”, “Fair Game”, and also the prohibition and restriction of all Ronbots from reading, listening, studying or viewing certain channels or media, literature, or talking to us, to keep them ignorant.

    The God called Ron observed the physiological reaction of the human body and brain and then invented a religion, after he discovered that study tech and auditing, comes from physiological reactions. Then he invented the fraud called PTS-SP tech, as a way to control people and encourage the suppression and victimization of humanity.

    The greatest crime of all is that the knowledge of using Physiological reactions to find the real causes of all illnesses, has been denied and used as a tool to kill, harass, and abuse any that oppose them. God gave us symptoms of illnesses as a clue or tool to find the true cause in order to heal ourselves and not to hurt mankind.

    The true power of Dianetics and Scientology is used for evil– but it will be exposed.

    Always find the true and real source of all illnesses—The GOD RON lies.


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