Ex-Scientolgist story #399, Unreported sexual abuse.

Erin Francies was sexually abused twice in her young life.  But don’t expect anyone in Scientology to ever pick up the phone and call the police.  They would rather that the victim suffer any and all indignities rather than get any bad PR.  Other than the sexual abuse her story is like many other’s who were raised in the cult.  They were treated, as one victim termed it, “like cattle.”

I was born into Scientology in 1985. My father was (and is) an HGC auditor, my mother worked to support him (and me). My father joined the church when he was 18 along with his best friend (who is now the senior C/S at their org) after reading Dianetics while stoned and on acid. I don’t know when exactly or why my mom joined. When I was 5 I did my first Purif, I know this was a stat push; there was no reason that a five year old who had never had so much as a baby Tylenol would need a Purif. It was hell, I felt exhausted and sick the whole time I was on it. Eventually I figured out what to say to make them decide I was done. My parents split up when my father started sleeping with their Scientology marriage counselor, who later became my stepmother. My mom packed us up and moved to LA and I moved back and forth every year or two between LA and San Francisco. When I was 6 my step-father (who was ex-SO) told his auditor (out of session) that he had been molesting me when I was asleep. No one did anything. He did conditions from Treason. I found out later that he had done this to his girlfriend’s daughter while in the SO and that was why he was kicked out of the SO. (I’m not sure why he was never declared, but he is now a Kha-Kahn). . .

I was making about $25 per week, sharing a tiny studio with 4 other staff members and trying to live in one of the most expensive cities in the country. All along there had been fundraising going on which consisted of repeatedly harassing the wealthier public to make donations, hard selling them for hours at a time. I got some money from a car accident settlement that I intended to use for college. They convinced me that, as a staff member my investment would return to me because in the new building we’ll be able to get more people in and I’ll get more pay. We were supposed to go Saint Hill Size and we’d all be rich, but not without the money to get us there. Plus I would be considered very upstat and not only would I please my dad and step mom, but I would be more able to get time off. So I donated $5,000. I spent another $4,000 on 25 hours of auditing (I got a staff discount) because I was convinced that I was totally messed up. While I was on staff I went on a date with a staff member in the TTC. We were in my apartment and he raped me. I wrote a report about what happened and gave it to the Ethics officer. Later that day I was called into the SSO’s office. She got very angry and told me I was lying and that I had to be handled in ethics or kicked off of staff before I started to spread STD’s around the org. I was very confused and hurt by this at first, this person had known me since I was a baby and I felt like she was almost family. Then I realized that the org was on a big phase in the SO mission to get auditors so we could go Saint Hill Size. The guy was one of their most promising trainees. Somehow the story got spread all over the org (this should have been an extremely confidential HCO matter) Suddenly my friends and family and everyone that I had known my whole life started turning against me. So I left staff.

For the rest of this story go here:  http://forums.whyweprotest.net/threads/tonight-the-church-contacted-me.53294/

And just for the heck of it here is another video about Hubbard.

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