Ex-Scientologist story #388, “Suppressive Acts” cause trouble in family.

Join Scientology and you too could be this happy.

This is the story of one brave woman who disconnected from Scientology instead of her family.

My name is Edie Fields and I got into Scientology in 1989, read Dianetics, joined the SO for a while, left, went back and routed out. My experiences were good.  I stayed with OT’s in their apartment. I worked at the Hibiscus restaurant and got rave reviews on my service to the OT’s. I started getting homesick and wanting to leave and the people I waited on wanted me back on the floor, waiting on them. The public. So nice. They wrote dispatches to my senior and said “whatever Edie needs, we will help her.”  

. . . THEN… my daughter and her husband found out about the evil at the top of management and called me over and told me what they had found. They then sent in a letter of their findings and wanted them to be addressed. Guess what????? You don’t communicate in the COS. You get punished for “Being there and Communicating”.

After the letter Jim and Meshell sent in, I was called into the DSA’s office and told by the Ethics officer and the DSA that I would have to disconnect or I would not be welcome in the church. My job was taken away and I was told to read the things that are supposedly called “Suppressive Acts”.  Now, can anyone say they have never committed a suppressive act?  I don’t think so. So my job was taken over by someone else and I was more or less told to go home or go on course to do the PTS/SP course. I was to see how my daughter was an SP.

But instead of seeing her daughter as an SP she did the right thing and ditched Scientology instead. To read the rest of the story go here: http://littledoubt.wordpress.com/2010/10/30/edie-fields-open-letter/

Here is another interesting bit that I found about the  Great Thetan, L. Ron Hubbard.

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