Ex-Scientologist Story #395, “Jokers and Degraders.”

HUBBARD COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex

HCO BULLETIN OF 5 FEBRUARY 1977 (Also published as HCO PL, same date.)

C/S Series 100


Each of these persons fell into one or more of the following categories:

1. Were rock slammers. (Some List 1.)

2. Were institutional type cases.

3. Were “NCG” (meaning no case gain) (the only cause of which is continuous present time overts).

4. Were severely PTS (Potential Trouble Source) (connected to rock slammers).

It might be supposed that misunderstood word phenomena could also be part of this. The rebellious student in universities is usually handled by clearing up his misunderstoods or curing his hopelessness for his future. However, the investigation did not find that any of these jokers or degraders were acting that way solely because of misunderstood words, but the possibility cannot be ruled out. . . .  [to read the whole deluded policy letter go here: http://www.suppressiveperson.org/sp/archives/319 ]

It cannot be said the L. Ron Hubbard liked people with a sense of humor; at least where Scientology is concerned.  The older he got the more flaws that the great man found in his fellow human beings.  Besides a laundry list of faults that he found among his students likewise his paranoia increased with age.   He was beset by fools, traitors, agents of evil and psychiatrists at every turn.  This led to more and more savage “ethics” conditions and security checklists.  He wanted to know who were the people who were countering his benevolent intentions.  Here we are concerned with one of those pronouncements that came down from on high.  Apparently people were laughing at that would have to stop.  Who pissed off the old man and brought down this sharp rap on the knuckles?  Gerry Armstrong has identified the culprit as former member John Ausley.  Gerry had this to say in a post on ARS in 2003.

“Funnily enough, when Hubbard wrote this bulletin, I was on the RPF in Clearwater, Florida, and he was at La Quinta, California. I had been ordered to the RPF by him personally, which was no joke.

Hubbard wrote this bulletin during his biggest — and utterly psychotic — List-1 R/S period, where literally hundreds of people were being routed summarily to the RPF for R/Sing on a List-1 item. It was nonsensical to request a Comm Ev because there was no “recourse.” How could a person possibly contest a sec checker’s noted R/S in the worksheets?

Ordering people to the cult’s prison for a needle movement on a “religious artifact” is a lot like sending people to prison because the entrails of a duck were the wrong hue of green. But I’ll save that subject for another day for another essay on Hubbardian and Scientological “religious” persecution and insanity.

L-1 — also called “The Scientology List” — which Hubbard invented (and didn’t discover) in 1962, contained, of course, the cult’s terms, plus Hubbard, Mary Sue, Founder, etc. See HCOB 24 November 1962 “Routine 2-12 List One – Issue One The Scientology List.” An R/S on L-1 meant — so Hubbard said — that the R/Ser had an evil intention toward one of the subjects on the list.

There were other periods when the paranoid Hubbard targeted R/Sers, all the way back to his invention (not discovery) of the list. When he created (and didn’t discover) the RPF in January 1974, he made “R /Ser” the first reason or criterion for assignment. His 1976-78 L-1 R/S witch hunt, as those of us who were there well know, completely dwarfed his other periods of R/S paranoia.

It was during this period, of course, when Hubbard invented (and didn’t discover) the “Jokers and Degraders” bulletin. And in the bulletin, the first item or criterion he invented for his categorizing of J&Ders is “rock slammers.”

Some time after I got out of the RPF, I heard that the original “joker” who, as you say, pissed Hubbard off, was John Ausley.

I had known John on the “Apollo” in the early 1970’s, when he was, I believe, pretty well the whole time, in the Tech Div. I think he was a Class 8, OT 7, and for some time the Tech Sec. And he was a funny guy.

His sister was Liz Ausley, now Liz Gablehouse, who was for some time a Hubbard Personal PRO on board. The Ausleys, I believe, came from a prominent family in Tallahassee involved in Florida State politics.

John escaped from the cult a couple of years before I did. I met him once or twice I think in southern California when both of us were out in the early 1980’s. Free from Scientological suppression, he was funnier than ever, and we shared some laughs over the history and horror.

One of the ironies for J&D aficionados is that John’s wife Paulette Ausley, originally Paulette Fisher, a Flag Class XII and auditor of Hubbard himself, was the person the Fat Fraud sent on mission to find all those R/Ss and route all those R/Sers to the RPF.

To read Gerry’s post go here: http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/writings/ars/ars-2003-09-22.html

We could use a bit of humor at this point.  This is true, but still funny as hell.

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  1. I remember this issue coming out from Hubbard. It wsa the day the laughter stopped. No more fun in Scientology — not ANYWHERE!!

    Those of us not already in the RPF, had our sneakers at the ready in our closets.


  2. May Ron L Hubard burn in hell for eterity. He was right about being an eteral soul but completely miss the boat on salvation.

  3. delete my comment at your own peril

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