Ex-Scientologist Story #397, Another tech failure: refund demanded.

The greedy cult of Scientology would rather chew their arms off than give up money.  But they face really bad PR if they do.  Here is another case of tech failure.  This time a demand is made for compensation for the slave wages they pay.  I don’t know the fate of this demand; I assume it was settled at some point since a fair amount of noise was made.  But the best solution is to avoid the vulture cult of Hubbard in the first place.

Re: Demand for Legally Past Due Salary and Return of Fixed-Fee Donations to Edward Berwick 


    This is to notify you that I am demanding full repayment within 30 days of all donations that I ever paid to any church of Scientology or Scientology related corporation, not already refunded, approximately $15,000. Money was paid by me to The Santa Clara Mission, The American St. Hill Organization, The Advanced Organization, The San Francisco Org, the Berkeley Org, and the Flag Landbase. The courses I took (but, not limited to) included: H.A.S., H.D.A.,the levels, S.H.S.B.C., solo, Clearing, O.T. 1-3, Public Relations Officer, Staff Status l & 2. I received auditing for the grades, Dianetics, review, power and power plus, and my folders were FESed. I was given an unconditional money back guarantee at the time I made these fixed fee donations. I was guaranteed that if I ever wanted a refund all I had to do was ask for it and I would promptly receive it. I am demanding you fulfill the promise upon which the fixed donation services were sold to me. 

    My reason for requesting this refund is the services you sold me did not deliver the promised results, they were based on fraud and deception., and because that is my legal right. 

    For one year I worked as a course and auditing sales person in Scientology and was specifically trained to tell anyone and everyone that they could always get their fixed donations back if Scientology did not deliver the results it was promising to them and if they were reluctant to buy the fixed donation service. This agreement did not have a list of conditions for return that were ever presented or disclosed to the fixed donor. The understanding and claim made to the donor was simply, if your weren’t happy with the result you could get all of your money/donation back. There was no time limitation disclosed when we made this sales claim to others when I was a staff member or when I received this claim from others when I “donated” for fixed fee services. 

    In your new policy directive of 13 March 1996 called Return of Donations, you attempt to change your refund policy for the future and rewrite your history for the past. This is not possible. 

    I doubt even now, at the time you make your money back guarantee donation return claims you fully disclose and let the person read this new policy. Your new policy change to try to limit your IRS liability still does not free you from the laws of the country relating to fraud in selling services for a fixed donation. Consequently, all public and staff who purchased any fixed donation services after 1996 still have the right guaranteed by the state against fraud. Furthermore another reason I believe you published this new policy is because you are suffering from a rapidly rising number of refund requests and this is but another new effort on your part to further obstruct the lawful return of fixed donations when donors discover they have been conned. 

    You have promised the IRS in your secret agreements that as a condition of maintaining your non-profit status, that you would immediately return all fixed donations for which refunds were requested. You further promised the IRS that as an additional condition of maintaining your non-profit status that you not violate any fair labor laws and would pay the proper minimum wages and would resolve any claims for past minimum wages not paid. It is now time to make good on those promises. 

    It has come to my attention, through the Internet, that your employer, the business enterprise “Church of Scientology” (“COS’) and its Management (the “Sea Organization” and “Office of Special Affairs”) have been conducting a campaign to keep the general public and, in particular, former Scientology and Sea Organization staff members from learning that those organizations illegally paid amounts below Federal Minimum Wage requirements for their employee services, and that under the “Secret” CSI/IRS settlement agreement, COS or whatever its controlling management structure was at the time of employment of ex-staff members, is obligated to remit legally due back pay to its former staff. 

    As of the date set forth here in above, I am informed and believe that the allegations set forth above are true, and that the Santa Clara Mission, the Menlo Park Mission, the Los Gatos Mission and affiliated COS entities knew and or should have known that the weekly pay allocated to me during my tenure with the Santa Clara, Menlo Park, and the Los Gatos Missions was not in compliance with Federal Minimum Wage requirements. 

    Therefore, as of the date set forth above, I believe that I am entitled to claim herewith, back pay representing the difference between the actual amount I was allocated as a Mission staff member and the amount I was legally entitled to have been paid under the Federal Minimum Wage Law as a mission staff member from the time period in or about January of 1969 through July of 1972. 

    [Note: The undersigned hereby stipulates to acceptance of adjustment of payments with regard to the sums claimed herein where such adjustments are factually illustrated and backed up by legally acceptable accounting records for the actual time period that claimant was employed as a mission staff member.] 


    Normal 40 Hour Work Week — January 1969 through July 1972 Minimum Wage @ $3.50 per hour 

    40 hrs. x $3.50 = $140.00 per week x 186 weeks = $ 26,040.00 

    Overtime [4 hours per day for 5 Days — 1 day at 12 hours Time and a Half @ $5.25 per hour 

    20 hrs. at 4 hours per day. Saturdays and/or Sundays at 4 hours for a total of 24 hours Overtime per week. 

    24 x $5.25 = $126.00 per week x 186 weeks = $23,436.00 

    TOTAL DUE AND PAYABLE $49, 476.00 

Here is something I ran across that I hope will amuse the readers.

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