Ex-Scientologist Story #401, Scientology’s Shame; Children in the RPF.

Mere children are made to sign “Billion Year” contracts.

Here is another worm’s eye view of the wonderful world of Scientology.  This is what the Great Humanitarian, L. Ron Hubbard bequeathed to the world. This is the world that they want for the rest of us.  Former slave Shane Kelsey tells his story.

Today Tonight – Scientology RPF Child Labour Camp (2012-02-14)

Tony Ortega at the Village Voice Blog covered this story on 2-14-12:

Scientology’s Shocking Treatment of Children Held in a Suburban Labor Camp

Shocking news this morning from journalist Bryan Seymour in Australia. In a story for the program  Today/Tonight that took him more than a year to put together, Seymour blows the lid off a re-education camp operated by Scientology in a suburb of Sydney, where children as young as eight years old have worked long hours for no pay. One of those kids, Shane Kelsey, now 21, finally left the camp last year, and Seymour was there to film Shane’s reunion with his father, who now feels horrible guilt for leaving the boy in the camp to begin with. At only 8 years old, Shane signed a billion-year contract with Scientology’s Sea Organization and was working 35 hours a week — by the time he was 15, he was working 100 hours, for about $35 a week.

In a statement, Scientology made its standard claim that its “Rehabilitation Project Force” (which Shane experienced at 16) is a voluntary program, and is intended for Sea Org members who “commit serious breaches of ecclesiastical rules.”

Let that sink in a minute. A prison-like camp for members who break ecclesiastical rules — while only 16 years old. . .

Scientology Labour Camps

Reporter Bryan Seymour Broadcast February 14, 2012

It is Australia’s secret compound where men, women and children are kept virtual prisoners.

It’s right in the middle of a quiet suburb.

It’s also a place where children are separated from their parents, forced to work full time for no pay and live in squalid conditions.

Those who’ve survived this place say they were brainwashed into believing they could not leave and that they deserved the shocking treatment dished out.

Tonight you’ll meet a young man who escaped this place with the help of his father.

“I lived in that garage for about a year and a half, maybe two years,” said Shane Kelsey, a former Scientologist.

“Shane’s story is one of shocking abuse, child abuse, it’s one of a child being enslaved,” said Senator Nick Xenophon.

“I was there for 10 years all up in the Church of Scientology as a staff member, and how could I inflict that on my children which I’ll forever feel like I have to make up,” said another former Scientologist, Peta O’Brien.

Shane Kelsey is now 21 years old. Until just over a year ago he had never used the Internet, watched television or followed the media.

“You’re not allowed to read any books other than Scientology books, you can’t read newspapers, no radio, no movies, nothing,” Shane said.

Shane says he was held captive and groomed to see all of us on the outside as pathetic, useless and stupid.

“So I lived in a garage until that got flooded by a storm and my mum got really pissed off and said ‘what the hell’ and so I got moved into a closet. It is a closet under the stairs… maybe two meters long and a meter wide,” Shane said.”

Near the end of this story there is a chilling, and true, statement about the RPF:

“RPF bases like the Sydney compound exist in other countries. Those who’ve escaped from them tell similar stories – Having fingers broken on the orders of the leader of Scientology, screamed at and slapped for 20 hours straight whilst having cold water poured over their head and much more… much worse.”

To read the entire story go here:: http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2012/02/scientology_shane_kelsey_rpf.php

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  1. I had to fight to get my son out too. This story seems to be a bit of a beat up the way it has been presented – however where there is smoke there is fire. My son studied and worked in that building and had a very busy, however acceptable time there. Then again they had a higher purpose for him and do get kids to sign the contract – i have witnessed that. This story – in essence may well be true I only comment on the presentation, the language used and media twist used to sensationalize the story. The story was bad enough to start with.

    It was a long process to get mine out and even longer for him to start to concede the truth. They broke their contract with him and yet they still expect him to comply with his side of it. His position and benefits were over stated and then watered down.

    His experience left him more literate however they clearly mistreated him and now he has a ‘debt’ to them after working for almost nothing for them for over 12 months at 30 hours a week part time. He would have been lucky to have been paid $20 a week. Even worse they cannibalized his savings pestering him to buy materials to boost their sales – materials they should have provided. Once broke and nearly broken they wanted him to live on $1 a day. Over the year he spent $200 from his part time real job on himself only to be accused of wasting money.

    This is a cult in my opinion because; they are taught to speak differently, think differently, that we are ‘lost’ because we have no purpose, that we will drag their tone down, that our ‘reality’ is a trap, they are not allowed to look at stories about them because only ‘surpressive persons’ can disagree with the Church, the that their studies will make you a God and that you have to do as they want to get the chance to move higher in their studies and auditing etc etc.

    All of this alienates the rest of the world ‘shielding’ them from harm. I did hear stories of bullying, indeed he was bullied to some extent but not hit.

    It is a relief to be rid of them for now. I had to resort to some nasty responses because they would not recognize my right to refuse communication from them. I got my son out in the end by pointing out to several levels of the Church, including the legal dept. that they were abusing his human rights – pow he was released fast.

    I am thoroughly disappointed by the whole experience and warn people that the group are toxic when ever I get the chance. The materials however are beneficial – at least at the lower levels. This is a corporation set up as a Church to protect themselves – they sell product – they are a ‘business cult’ in my opinion.

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