Oh, those crazy OTs, what will they think of next?

Over the years Scientology has made some astonishing claims as to what their adherents who have taken their upper level courses can do.  These people, termed “OTs” meaning that they are “Operating Thetans,” have the ability to travel in time, speak with ghosts (human and otherwise) manipulate matter, are immune to disease, read minds, see objects and people by remote viewing and have soaring intellects.  Where these powerful beings are kept is unknown except to say that people with great powers are conspicuously absent from the visible ranks of Scientology. 

Claims of these almighty abilities have been printed in the Scientology publication Advance!  When I started reading these OT success stories I just assumed that these tales were all the product of Scientology writers making fanciful claims at the behest of the editor.  But the truth is worse, Far Worse.  In his book Counterfeit Dreams Jeff Hawkins, who once served as an editor for that magazine, tells us that these stories were solicited from the Scientology org.  Readers were encouraged to write their OT experiences.  In other words, these people really believed that these things had actually happened!!  In view of their stories it seems incredible to outsiders that anyone could delude themselves enough to put their names on such drivel.  But the zany cult goes the extra mile to keep everyone else entertained.


“There was this guy called Klaus who used to come into our office once   a month to pay rent. He was a tall, surly German with a blackness under   his complexion. He never smiled, and could only be described as ‘grisly’.   My boss hated him.
Well, this one day he walked into the office and as I stood in front   of him, writing out his receipt, I suddenly got the thought, “What *is*   it with this guy?” and I just gave him a total confront and suddenly   there before my eyes stood a hairy, grisly, sad, and rather pathetic   looking werewolf with teeth just like you see in the movies. He was   in fact a good deal bigger than Klaus and towered over me. Well,   Wolfe and I stared at each other for a long, hard second, and then he   disappeared. I was left with Klaus gazing at me in bewilderment and   in his eyes I read, “*What happened?*”
I gave him his receipt and the body walked out of the office but   the thetan stayed behind for a good five minutes. In fact, the   presence was so strong that my boss popped his head out of his office   to see if there was anybody there because he could feel it too. I   said, “Don’t worry, it’s only Klaus. I’ve just used a bit of   Scientology on him.”
Next month, Klaus came in to pay his rent. His complexion was clear   and pink and he gave us a big hello and a broad smile. He had a few   words with my boss and after he had gone my boss came to me and said,   “Well, I don’t know what you did to him, but he’s quite a nice guy   after all.” ”
Noelle Levin                                                     South Africa

[Advance!, issue 41, p. 18]

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Don’t see “2001: A Space Odyssey,” you’ll be restimulated if you do.

One of the boneheaded Scientologists who write the sort of memos that these fools write decided it was bad medicine to see this movie.  This is odd because of the close ties between Scientology and its creator, L. Ron Hubbard, to science fiction.  After all, Hubbard earned his bread at one time writing space operas for pulp magazines.  To be “restimulated” means to be bothered in some way about an incident in your past.  But in this case it would have been the far, far past since the guys wearing the monkey suits were trying to portray some of our earliest ancestors. 


 To: All Staff                                                  

 24/6/68    From: HCO Area Director     

                                  No: 691 L    Subject: Ethics Protection.

No staff or current students are to see the film “2001 – A Space Odyssey.”    The film produces heavy and unneccessary restimulation.

Ron Hopkins                                                                T/HCO AREA                                                                  DIRECTOR

An early OT at work beating off.

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