Oh, those crazy OTs, what will they think of next? #2

Egyptian Spirit Pesters an OT and gets Audited.

The upper level courses of Scientology take many years of courses and hundreds of thousands of dollars.  What do you get for your money?  Nothing less than God-like powers over space and time.  You don’t think so?  You doubt the truth and wisdom of the Great Humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard??  obviously you haven’t talked with any of the Operating Thetans, otherwise known as “OTs”.  This selection from a Scientology magazine tells us that even ancient spirits that have somehow made their way to the US are no match for one of Hubbard’s geniuses.

From Advance!, issue 19, “OT Phenomena Successes”, page 11.

One afternoon I was bending over the kitchen sink rinsing a cup when all of a sudden I felt afraid. I felt there was someone behind me with bad intentions. The hair on my neck was standing up and I felt cold.
So I slowly turned around and there he was standing with his armed crossed. His dress was Egyptian, his head was that of a bull with long horns and red flaring nostrils.

I looked, blinked and then pointed my finger at him and said “You cannot intrude into my universe. Stop terrifying beings. Go and pick up a body and get your dramatization audited out.” He left in anger.

I then went to my room to start a solo session. As I sat down and started auditing, I felt I was not alone. Then, zap! there he was again, sitting on my table in front of me, laughing.

I said “Why didn’t you go away and do what I told you to do?” He laughed so loud I thought the room would cave in. He said, “I’m here for auditing. Audit me.” I said “Fine. First we start with TR 0,” and gave him a reality factor on it.  We did TR 0 for five minutes and he then simply left. I shall meet him in the near future as a Scientologist .

Catherine Steiner OT


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Ex-Scientologist Story #402, Scientology: Tell us your secrets.

The cult of Scientology has long been known for using the information given to auditors against people they don’t like and also to aid in sales.  They search out these supposedly confidential files for any and all dark secrets so they can play upon the weaknesses of the person they are selling courses to.  Of course they say that this never happens.  Here we find Jeff Dubron, a former member, adding fuel to the fire on a TV documentary type show.  I am not sure how long John was in but I have run across stories in the press where he was giving the Scientology side of things.  He was in their PR department at some level; perhaps in the Guardian’s Office.

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