Oh, those crazy OTs, what will they think of next? #4

Behold the power of the OTs.

The worst thing about these stories is that people really believe this crap.  Jeff Hawkins who was the editor said that these stories came from Scientologists and are not just drivel made up by the magazine staff.   That anyone would sign their name to this inane babble seems incredible to me.

“We were having trouble with the windshield wipers on our car.    Sometimes they would work and sometimes they wouldn’t work. We    took the car to the garage to have it fixed. The mechanic said    that they would have to go through all of the electrical system    to find out what was wrong. We had planned to go on a trip, and    didn’t want the car tied up, so we took it like it was. We were    driving along, my husband was driving. I got to thinking about    the windshield wipers, left my body in the seat and took a look    under the hood. I spotted the wires that were shorting and caused    them to weld themselves together, like they were supposed to be.
We haven’t had any trouble since.”
Jane Berquist, OT
[Advance!, issue 38, p. 15]

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Oh, those crazy OTs, what will they think of next? #3

Behold the powers of an OT !!

Here we have OT and Class XII auditor Minty Alexander using her enormous powers to save a goldfish.  At least she gave the credit to where it is due: to L. Ron Hubbard and his tech.  Too bad she has not used these powers, as far as I know anyway, to bring some new people into this failing cult of empty buildings.

Last week I saw that my goldfish was all red and lumpy. My husband, Rick, said that he’s had goldfish like that before and that they don’t recover, they just die.
 I got very sad. He had been with our family for a year now. So, that night, I decided to do something. I used my flows from “8-80” and my abilities as an OT and flowed some energy toward my fish’s wounds. I did this until something seemed better. I then went to sleep.
 The next day Rick said he noticed the fish was less red and lumpy! I was very pleased and that night from my office at work I continued the assist. I continued to flow energy, changing the flows as needed until a big burst of matter blew. I ended off. When I went home that night the fish was completely healed!
It was a big win for me, and the fish. It couldn’t have been done without the technology of L. Ron Hubbard.
                                                Minty Alexander, OT

 [from Advance! magazine, issue 33]



Thank you L. Ron Hubbard.


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