Oh, those crazy OTs, what will they think of next? #7

Every time you think that you have reached the uttermost limit of human credulity and stupidity in Scientology you get proved wrong.  I thought that it would be hard to beat the last story in which some lame monkey-spanking Scientologists found and destroyed an alien weather-making station in the hills around Phoenix, Arizona.  But, heck and darn, somebody beat that by a mile.  Here a moronic jerk makes the astounding claim that he was able to put a fault line into better alignment which thereby averted an earthquake!  Of course the magazine printed it to the delight, no doubt, of all the silly asses who believe in this sort of stuff.

Some days ago I went to bed thinking that something should be done about earthquakes in California. What could it be?
I had the idea of putting a tractor beam through the earth – east and west. I did it and put an anchor point at each end of the line and gave it a little nudge to be sure everything was snug.
Almost instantly – there was a jolt and my bed dropped about 1/2 inch. WOW!
Emil Bates, OT

[from Advance! magazine, issue 15, p. 20]

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Oh, those crazy OTs, what will they think of next? #6

Behold the mental powers of the Scientologists.


Men who can change the size of their bodies are always in demand by discerning women.  Here we have some mope that can change his body size, which should be small potatoes for on OT.  The difference between him and others is significant as he was able to do this as a mere “Clear.”  As I have stated in the other stories in this celebration of OT power the most distressing thing is that these people are sincere and actually believe this nonsense.  It is pathetic, lame, sick and scary all at once if you think about it.

“Right after Clear I hit a keyed out OT state and could change my body size about 1 to 1 1/2 inches in height by actual measurement.  Some people swore it was 2 to 3 inches, which it might have been, but it was 1 inch difference the time I measured.  The ability was under control and I could do it at will.”

Fred Fairchild  OT VI Clear No. 49


Another day at the OT carnival.


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Oh, those crazy OTs, what will they think of next? #5

Behold the power of the Scientologists.

The complete and utter balderdash written by the OTs (those who have completed the so-called upper level courses in Scientology is so outrageous that one is compelled to ask if these people are even sane?  These stories are not knowingly told lies nor are they an attempt at humor.  Are these guys nuts?  Read this and decide for yourself.

“Phoenix for many years has been hot, dry desert country with mountains   that are fascinating to me and my family.
One night we decided to take a trip up to the mountains. We climbed,   using flashlights, and finally reached a peak where we could see all   the lights of Phoenix spread in a wide vista before us.
Then we sat down on the rocks to look at the beautiful scene and get   in communication with the beings in the area.
By getting in communication with the beings we discovered some   weather controlling machinery that were installed in each mountain   peak around the valley that is Phoenix. They were installed there   eons ago to assure fair weather for the space port which was in   operation there at the time.
By auditing the beings running them, we knocked out all those machines.   And Phoenix has been having rain or floods ever since. The whole desert   is turning into lush greenery.
Thanks to Ron for the tech to be OT. One can only be OT by making his   data his own and using it to the fullest.”
Rod Martin                                                            OT


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