Oh, those crazy OTs, what will they think of next? #7

Every time you think that you have reached the uttermost limit of human credulity and stupidity in Scientology you get proved wrong.  I thought that it would be hard to beat the last story in which some lame monkey-spanking Scientologists found and destroyed an alien weather-making station in the hills around Phoenix, Arizona.  But, heck and darn, somebody beat that by a mile.  Here a moronic jerk makes the astounding claim that he was able to put a fault line into better alignment which thereby averted an earthquake!  Of course the magazine printed it to the delight, no doubt, of all the silly asses who believe in this sort of stuff.

Some days ago I went to bed thinking that something should be done about earthquakes in California. What could it be?
I had the idea of putting a tractor beam through the earth – east and west. I did it and put an anchor point at each end of the line and gave it a little nudge to be sure everything was snug.
Almost instantly – there was a jolt and my bed dropped about 1/2 inch. WOW!
Emil Bates, OT

[from Advance! magazine, issue 15, p. 20]

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  1. Scientology makes my lunch go exterior.

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