Oh, those crazy OTs, what will they think of next? #8

Behold the brain power of the Scientologists.

More babble from the OTs who are the cream of Scientology thinkers.  These people, who have enlivened the stories in this series by their daft and crazed belief that they have wonderful special powers, have spent many thousands of dollars and many years of study to reach this level.   These stories which are so funny at one level are so pathetic and lame in another.  There is some serious mental illness at work here.

I was walking past the big tree of Ron’s outside the front of the Manor, and I said to it “How old are you?” and got an answer from a thetan somewhere in it. It didn’t quite fit with the age of the Manor and the surroundings, and then I suddenly realized or found out that he’d come from Lebanon or somewhere as a young sapling. Then the thetan up and left.

Glyn Ketterige

From Advance! issue 16, “OT Phenomena, page 17.

Two wooden brains talking to each other.

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