Oh, those crazy OTs, what will they think of next? # 10

The retarded dillweeds who believe that they can manipulate space and time are at the top of the totem pole in Scientology.  It took years of study and hundreds of thousands of dollars to reach this level of foolishness.  Here we have one of these clueless oafs, known as “OTs” using his great powers to fix a coffee machine.  Not only did he fix the machine so that he could get himself a good cup of coffee but he felt good enough about it to have his story put in a Scientology magazine.

Source: “Advance!” #17.

“Today was fantastic. I walked downstairs to get some coffee and the coffee machine was buzzing. So I put my hands out and moved them around the machine putting out beams to bounce back and thereby I could tell by watching the particle flow exactly where the error in the machine was. I found it and corrected the molecular structure of that area of the machine and the buzzing stopped.   Then I heard my air conditioner rattling so I looked at why it was rattling and it stopped.   I’m becoming much more at cause, I love it–like superman!

–Michael Pincus, OT”

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