Oh, those crazy OTs, what will they think of next? # 12

Behold the power of the Scientologists.

Jeff Hawkins, former editor of Advance! and ex-Scientologist, says this about the powers of the top-level members and their wonderful powers.  “In fact, in my 35 years in Scientology, I never met a single Scientologist who could actually demonstrate these types of abilities. I never met a super-being. Sure, I met a lot of wonderful people, intelligent people, dedicated people. But no one who could demonstrate what the Church promoted as “OT Abilities.”

True as that statement may be we can still enjoy the claims of the OTs.  This story concerns a real iron man, or at least a guy who knows how take a fall.  Too bad his super abilities did not point out the danger of those sinister steps BEFORE he came tripping lightly along.

Advance #131, page 22:

I had been using the ethics conditions to sort out a situation I was in and experienced a huge win, a major breakthrough.  I was so keyed out that I ran down the passageway… However, I’d forgotten that in this particular passageway there were stairs, and right where the stairs were, the ceiling sloped down. In my excitement I decided to leap to the bottom of the stairs, and I jumped.  My head collided with the sloping ceiling at a very fast speed. I was exterior and I remember thinking as soon as I perceived the impact, “That was a mistake!”  I was completely aware of what was happening as my body flew through the air… Even though my body was in extreme danger, I had complete certainty I would be OK. My body crashed to the floor, right where I knew it would.  The back of my head smashed against the concrete floor.  In “normal” circumstances my back should have snapped in half and my head should have been very badly damaged. I went back into my body and I didn’t feel much pain… and after a couple of minutes I got up off the ground and walked away.  I didn’t even have a bruise on my head.  The onlookers were completely amazed and I took a huge win…

Superman might have been an early OT.

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