Oh, those crazy OTs, what will they think of next? # 13


A number of the cases cited in this series on OT powers in Scientology are so downright crazy that the sanity of the person who wrote this “tail” must be in question.  In other words I think the mope who wrote this is just plain nuts.  But what I would like to know is if that person was crazy before  he got into Scientology or did he lose his grip after finding out that his body in covered in the spirits of deal aliens?  In today’s story we have a ghost haunting a horse, it reminds of the talking horse on the old “Mister Ed,” show from years ago.

“When I was doing my Purification Rundown, I picked up the pictures of a being who was stuck in being a harness horse in earlier years.    “I located the garage where the being was- actually a converted horse barn.  I got in communication with him and convinced him that since I was the only one who ‘saw’ him (his mock-up), I must know something.  I got him to accept the idea of taking a human body and becoming aware.  I showed him the Scientology symbol and cross.  Then I directed him to a hospital where there was a new body.  Later that evening I got communication from the being.  He was with his new, loving family – and already forgetting he was a horse.” K.H.

(Advance! issue 95, p.14)

The OTs could use some horse-sense.

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