Oh, those crazy OTs, what will they think of next? # 16

Behold the might brain of the Scientology OT!

Purported abilities of the super powerful OTs (operating thetans) in Scientology have ranged drastically  from the ability to stop an earthquake to spirits haunting a horse to riding around in a car that lacked basic operating parts.  But here we have, . .  well, a not so great claim.  This one is about light bulbs.

From Advance!# 138, “OT Phenomena”

“I am becoming more and more cause as I move up The Bridge.  It just permeates how I live these days.  And because I am more in control my prediction is very good in all kinds of ways, from the more complex to the more simple.  Here’s a typical example, just a little thing but nevertheless it illustrates what I mean. “I was about to go shopping with my roommate.  We had made our list and gone over it, but just as we were about to leave I realized that the porch light was going to burn out in the next few minutes.  I knew we were out of light bulbs and so I told my roommate to put light bulbs on the list.  He wondered why I was adding it at the last minute and I simply said that the porch light was going to burn out in the next few minutes. “He looked at me like I was a little strange but wrote down light bulbs on the list.  Then we got our stuff together and headed straight for the door.  Right as I opened the door the porch light blew out.  I turned round and looked at him and smiled and said it was a good thing we had light bulbs on the list.” — A. R.

How many OTs does it take to change a light bulb?

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Oh, those crazy OTs, what will they think of next? # 15

Behold the brain of the super-Scientologists!!

Here we have two buffoons who believe that they drove their car around without a distributor cap.  The picture below shows the kind of car they must have been driving.

From Advance! (magazine for OT’s) #127.

One day a friend and I (both of us are OT III) were doing a tune up on my old car – new distributor cap, spark plugs, oil, the whole thing.  After the tune up we put the hood down and decided to give it a test drive around the block.
When we came back we opened up the hood, and we found out that somehow we had driven the car around the block without the distributor cap on – which is impossible!  But not to a couple of OTs!


OT car without a distributor cap.

Oh, those crazy OTs, what will they think of next? # 14

Behold the super powers of the Scientologists.

Jeff Hawkins was a former editor of advance! magazine in which the majority of these OT stories are to be found.  He assures us that these people, who have taken the upper level courses in Scientology, are for real and truly think that they have super powers.  But can they show them??  Here is what Jeff has to say.

“So a valid challenge to someone claiming OT Abilities would be to ask them to demonstrate those abilities. That isn’t unreasonable or “entheta.” If someone says they have an ability, then demonstrate it.  If you have the ability to view things remotely, then tell me what’s in the next room. If you have the ability to move objects, then move one. If you can read minds, then tell me what I’m thinking.

Of course, the minute you suggest this, you tend to get things like “Asking for proof is an invalidation of an OT,”or “I don’t do parlor tricks,” or “that’s a hidden standard.” (No, it’s not hidden. It’s in scores of Advance Magazines and LRH references. It’s not hidden when you’re promoting it. It’s only hidden when you’re asked to prove it.)

And another added one I hadn’t thought of: “People who demand physical universe proof of OT abilities are down tone brain-dead skeptics and cannot perceive spiritual things anyway. Why waste my precious time tossing pearls to swine.” Really? I’m sorry, but I don’t see how asking for proof of these claims is either downtone or spiritually unaware. What, it’s “uptone” or “spiritually enlightened” to take these things on faith and not ask for some kind of proof??

And of course, you hear that OTs that cannot demonstrate these abilities “have out-tech on their case” or “are PTS” or “are the effect of David Miscavige.” Sure, they could play the piano if only it weren’t for all these SPs!

“From Advance! 34, page 10.

 An O.T. Rescue

Tonight, as I ate my dinner, I became aware of a distress call. It emanated from some distance away and seemed quite urgent, involving some life-and-death situation. I pinpointed the source in the French countryside and went to take a look
I found a peasant woman tied to a chair in a small building. She was surrounded by a dozen men whose intentions were obviously less than ‘bon.’ Her tone level was terror and the men appeared to be in sadism, punishing bodies, or something equally unappetizing.
Being without my body, I decided to handle the situation with pictures and emotions. So, I permeated the room with “fear of discovery” and pictures of the police closing in on the villains. Fortunately, at this same time there was a young couple coming down the road. Their noise and physical approach added reality to the pictures I was generating.
The ‘bad guys’ fell for the deception and fled, leaving the heroine alone in the room. Naturally they were caught a short time later when they blundered into the police.
As the woman was still tied and gagged, my job was not yet complete. So, installed curious feelings in the young man and girl and they wondered obligingly into the cabin where they rescued the woman and helped her back to her family.
All the way home and for some time after she kept stretching her arms to the sky thanking me for saving her life. However, try as I would, I could not convince her that I was not ‘God.’ She could not grasp the term ‘Scientology’ and I finally settled for leaving here with the name ‘Hubbard.’ Perhaps, some day, she will find out for herself the magic I was trying to bestow upon here. I hope so.

–Fred Roeschke, OT”

Super OT man lends a hand in France.

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