Oh, those crazy OTs, what will they think of next? # 15

Behold the brain of the super-Scientologists!!

Here we have two buffoons who believe that they drove their car around without a distributor cap.  The picture below shows the kind of car they must have been driving.

From Advance! (magazine for OT’s) #127.

One day a friend and I (both of us are OT III) were doing a tune up on my old car – new distributor cap, spark plugs, oil, the whole thing.  After the tune up we put the hood down and decided to give it a test drive around the block.
When we came back we opened up the hood, and we found out that somehow we had driven the car around the block without the distributor cap on – which is impossible!  But not to a couple of OTs!


OT car without a distributor cap.

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