Oh, those crazy OTs, what will they think of next? # 16

Behold the might brain of the Scientology OT!

Purported abilities of the super powerful OTs (operating thetans) in Scientology have ranged drastically  from the ability to stop an earthquake to spirits haunting a horse to riding around in a car that lacked basic operating parts.  But here we have, . .  well, a not so great claim.  This one is about light bulbs.

From Advance!# 138, “OT Phenomena”

“I am becoming more and more cause as I move up The Bridge.  It just permeates how I live these days.  And because I am more in control my prediction is very good in all kinds of ways, from the more complex to the more simple.  Here’s a typical example, just a little thing but nevertheless it illustrates what I mean. “I was about to go shopping with my roommate.  We had made our list and gone over it, but just as we were about to leave I realized that the porch light was going to burn out in the next few minutes.  I knew we were out of light bulbs and so I told my roommate to put light bulbs on the list.  He wondered why I was adding it at the last minute and I simply said that the porch light was going to burn out in the next few minutes. “He looked at me like I was a little strange but wrote down light bulbs on the list.  Then we got our stuff together and headed straight for the door.  Right as I opened the door the porch light blew out.  I turned round and looked at him and smiled and said it was a good thing we had light bulbs on the list.” — A. R.

How many OTs does it take to change a light bulb?

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