Scientology at sea; OTs before the mast; Miscavige on the poop deck.


The ship of death and slavery.


This is a sales pitch by Scientology to pry more money from the shrinking band of followers.  It is couched in Scientology terms but it is still a pitch to separate you from your money which is what the cult is about anyway.  But the Freewinds is a lot more than a destination for fools as we will show in other clips.  Get the popcorn and soda out and enjoy a Scientology ride.

The Scientology ship Freewinds sails from port to port in the Caribbean Sea.  Her mission is to teach the upper lever or “Operating Tetan” courses and related courses and lecture.  Going on such a trip in not cheap when you consider that it takes years of study and tens of thousands of dollars spent on books, tapes courses and outright donations.  But the rewards are high.  As on OT you will be able to perform many marvels and miracles such as mind reading, talking with dead spirits, remote viewing and even more mundane things like talking to inanimate objects and driving cars without needed electrical parts.  There is no known limits to an OT’s powers.  This post is meant to be a celebration of those powers.  But first we need to backtrack a bit and look at the purchase of the vessel.  Ship architect Lawrence Woodcraft warned the people in charge of buying this vessel that she was covered in asbestos from bow to stern.

Later Scientology had to remove the asbestos at a huge cost.  Did they get it all?  I hope so.  It is a sad fact that many Scientologist who worked and travelled on the Freewinds will some day die a painful death from ruined lungs because of the fools in Scientology management.  Hubbard claimed that he understood the reason for cancer and his followers could avoid this dred disease.  Yeah.  Well, Scientologists, no matter what courses they have taken, die all the time from cancer.

The ship of death is also a slave ship.

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