Oh, those crazy OTs, what will they think of next? # 17

From the Co$ magazine “Advance!”, #130, pgs.22-23, under the heading of “OT Phenomena.”

This is one of the better OT stories as it concerns time travel. A certain contributor listed as “C.C.” gets saved from becoming road kill by “Special OT abilities.” . . .Huh?    That’s right, time travel saved someones life. According to the story some poor sap wasn’t watching where he was going and bumbled into the street directly into the path of, “A huge truck.”  Without batting an eye this mental powerhouse saved his/her life by the simple but effective means of manipulating time.    “. . . truck was about to hit. I made the decision instantly to turn back time.”  Shortly thereafter this time traveler was “. . . standing by the door I’d left not 10 seconds before-completely unscathed.” Needless to say the author reports being “Very pleased” with his/her new and superior OT abilities.

 Shucks, who wouldn’t be pleased?

No time machine needed by OTs who can travel at will with just a thought.

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