The Best of “The Village Voice Blog,” Part Three. Judges, Scientology Lies and Leaked E-Mails.

The 5 Worst Things Judges Have Said About Scientology

Scientology has been a steady customer of the legal profession ever since Hubbard raised his flag with Dianetics.   They have a view that because they are the only sane people on the face of the earth they are free to do whatever they want.  No matter if it is lies, cheating, fraud or whatever; they don’t have to obey “wog” rules.  The unfortunate judges that have had to deal with these loons over the years don’t have any kind words for the cult.  To read what the legal minds have to say go here:

 5 Biggest Lies in Scientology’s 2-Minute TV Ad

Scientology has always relied on lies to puff up its self-image.  Hubbard set the bar high by telling some real whoppers such as him being a “nuclear scientist,” when in fact he failed the only course he ever took on the subject.  But credit must be given to his later day followers who have managed to float a very impressive list of lies within the short compass of two minutes.   Here is the story:

 Scientology Internal E-Mails: Even More Depressing Than You Might Assume

When you read internal documents of Scientology it always comes down to either their overwhelming stupidity and incompetence or, as in this case, their unyielding greed.  There is never enough money to satisfy them and if you are down to your last penny they will take that too.  These quotes show where their mind is at.  Go here for the story.

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