L. Ron Hubbard, “Murder He Wrote,” death by R2-45.

   In issue 37 of the 1968 magazine The Auditor, L. Ron Hubbard awarded the Order of the Boot to a number of his fanatical followers.  I am unsure of that the real crime was but judging from Hubbards hardly controlled wrath I suspect they must have broken into his piggy bank.  In Scientology there is nothing worse than shorting the Commodore’s Swiss Bank accounts.

   Regardless of what these people did Hubbard gave them the full menu of Scientology dirty tricks including the Fair Game treatment that meant that states that any Scientologist could lie, cheat and steal from them with impunity.  He declared them to be the enemies of  planet earth and all life that lived there.  It would be safe to say they were also taken off of his Christmas card list.

 And just what is “R2-45”?  It is shooting somebody with a Colt .45 caliber pistol.   Hubbard had this to say in his book, “The Creation of Human Ability.”

«R2-45 – an enormously effective process for externalization,  but its use is frowned upon by this society at this time.»

So what Hubbard wanted was to have these people shot if they ever set foot on the premises of a Scientology property.  Is this a joke?  Read the whole thing  and decide for yourself.  I have read a lot of Hubbard’s writings over the years and one thing that I have found is that this guy never jokes when it comes to ethics or settling a score.

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