The Best of “The Village Voice Blog,” Part Five. Tom Cruise Bottle Talk, Serial Slapper in Scientology.

‘Tom Cruise Told Me to Talk to a Bottle’: Life at Scientology’s Secret Headquarters.

By Tony Ortega, 11-4-2009.

Women take note.  If Tom Cruise ever suggests “pillow talk” he is not suggesting a euphemism for intimate conversation.  He means literally that you should start talking to the pillow.  He might suggest that you talk to other inanimate objects as well.  So get ready to joke with his shoes, yell at his underwear and weep to his DVD collection.  Does this make sense?  Not to me but then again I am not a Scientologist like Tom is.  All this comes out in one of the many “Tell All” books that have been written by former Scientologists.

Marc Headley was in a position to see what went on at the top levels of the cult.  If you are a dedicated Tom Cruise watcher then you will want to read this story and this book.   Go here for the story:

I can’t resist a song to dedicate to the bottle talker.

Scientology’s Leader a Sadistic Slapper, Say Top-Level Defectors: St. Pete Times.

by Tony Ortega, 6-21-2009.

Reports of David Miscavige slapping around his underlings are easy to come by these days.  About the only people involved that apparently don’t know what is happening are the sheep that follow him.  Scientologists have gotten very good over the years at keeping their heads in the sand.  Yet word will somehow penetrate their thick skulls that they are being used.  There is one positive thing about DM as the dictator; with him at the wheel Scientology will never grow.  To read about this abusive ruler go here:

The Happy Slapper!

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