Is it “Ideal Orgs,” or “Idle Morgues,” ?? The Promise versus Reality.

I found some interesting stuff about the creation of “Ideal Org,” by Scientology.  This information came from former high-ranking Sea Org member, now defector, Marty Rathbun and also a web site that had more pictures of the Northumbrian org in the UK.   Between them the difference between promo material and the actual state of the org is strongly made and that the whole issue of “expansion” in Scientology is a farce as they have been shrinking in membership for many years now.  This is not news to dedicated Hubbard bot watchers.  But what IS interesting is the photographic evidence that backs this fact up.  Scientology is now the religion of empty buildings.

The Chicago org is a good place to start.  The heavily photo-shopped image is impressive alright; but of course it is not reality.

This is how it really looks.  But no matter which picture takes your fancy the fact is that the Chicago org has been stagnant for many years.

What about the “Northumbria Org.” that was touted as being the best thing since sliced bread?  This building was to be done up in style as per this picture.

The real org as it is now is not so classy.  It is more ruin than building and is getting worse all the time.


To find out more on the subject of the “Ideal Org,” go here:

A bit more on the Northumbrian org go here:

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