Another Death in Scientology; Mother Kept From Seeing Son’s Body.

 Alexander Jentzsch, 27, the son of prominent Scientologist Heber Jentzsch, died under mysterious circumstances recently.  His mother, former Scientology member Karen de la Carriere, was prevented from seeing her son’s body by Alexander’s wife.  The remains were at the Los Angeles County morgue.  Nothing is known at this time as to the reason for the untimely death of this young man but Scientology is known not to spend much money on doctors for their staff members.  He was a member of the paramilitary group known as the “Sea Org,” who run the operations of Scientology.

His father, Heber Jentzsch, was a high-profile member of Scientology for many years serving in a variety of capacities most recently as “President” of Scientology International.  He has not been seen in public since 2004.  Former high-ranking Scientologists say that he is being held in durance vile at “The Hole,” -a miserable, bug-infested habitat at a Scientology compound in Hemet, California.  For more on this missing Scientologist go to the “Free Heber,” website at:

Heber and son during better times.

 Alexander’s mother also rose high in the Sea Org, becoming a very highly placed auditor, a class XII, before she was declared a “suppressive Person,” by Scientology; she says this was instigated by David Miscavige, the dictator who took over Scientology after the death of L. Ron Hubbard.

 For more on this sad story see the story in the UK “MAILonline.”

‘I’m not allowed to see my own son’s body’: Mother’s grief as 27-year-old  son of Scientology president dies of high fever… and she finds out from a  friend days later

  • Karen de la Carriere, former wife of  Scientology president Heber Jentzsch, did not hear of her son’s death until  three days later
  • Heber Jentzsch, 76, has not been seen since  2004
  • Ms de la Carriere left the Church in 2010  and has not had contact with her son Alexander since then

Read more:

Heber is not the only prominent Scientologist to have gone missing in recent years.  David Miscavige’s wife, Shelly, has also not been seen for years.  He is, by the way, the best friend of Scientology star Tom Cruise.

Do you know where Shelly is??

There are a number of theories as to where Shelly is, here is a website sample of some of that speculation:

 Recently another Scientologist of note died; former Scientology insiders speculate that death was not reported until months later because the advance courses that she took should have prevented the cancer.  Her death was covered in some detail by Village Voice Blog reporter Tony Ortega in his article dated January, 30th, 2012.

Death of a Scientologist: Why Annie Broeker, Famous in the Church, Had to Die in Secret

Annie with L. Ron Hubbard.

Last June, a 55-year-old woman named Ann Tidman died in an apartment in Hollywood.Her own sisters, who suspected that she was ill, did not learn about Tidman’s death until just a few weeks ago. They had tried to get information about her, but Tidman herself — and the church she belonged to — wanted as few people as possible to know about her fight with lung cancer.

And that’s why we’re only finding out now, months after her death, that Ann Tidman died on June 14 in apartment 336 at a complex owned by the Church of Scientology at 1830 N. Bronson Avenue, a block over from the famous Hollywood Celebrity Centre.

For those not in the church, or among its ex-members, Tidman’s name may mean little, and her death will probably not be noticed by the mainstream press. But to Scientologists, who tend to call her by another name — Annie Broeker — she was a powerful symbol for where their movement had been and where it was going.

For the rest of this sad story, complete with betrayal and abuse, can be found here:

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