Alexander Jentzsch’s Death “Suspicious.” Will the truth be found??

Alexander is dead; his father is in “the hole.” Wonderful Scientology.

The story of how Alexander Jentzsch as reported thus far seems little less than incredible.  Here is what reporter Tony Ortega had to say in his Village Voice Scientology blog Running Scared dated July 18th.

“Alexander Jentzsch, 27, had been staying at the home of his in-laws. LA Coroner Assistant Chief Ed Winter told Karen de la Carriere that on Monday, July 2, the in-laws had noticed Jentzsch still in bed at about 9 am when they left their house. Twelve hours later, when they returned, Jentzsch had not moved, but they did not check on him. The next morning, on July 3, when they saw that Jentzsch was still in the same position, the father-in-law checked on him and found him unresponsive.

At that point, Karen says Winter told her, the father-in-law then took a child to school and only after he returned and still found Jentzsch unresponsive did he call 9-1-1.

In addition, Karen says the coroner has complained to her that he is not getting cooperation from Jentzsch’s wife. “Ed Winter told us that Alexander’s wife is not returning his phone calls,” she says.

RadarOnline reports that Winter said the LAPD is now getting involved to investigate the death.

“Why on earth would you take a child to school first?” De la Carriere says. “They told the coroner that Alexander had been excessively drinking alcohol and over-self-medicating. If they knew that he was self-medicating, then why didn’t they do anything when he didn’t move in his bed for 24 hours?”

Scientologists who turn up dead get short-shrift from their erstwhile comrades; especially if there is anything involving negligence or a massive failure of the tech.  Although Hubbard had claimed right away in his book Dianeticsthat his methods could cure cancer and just about any other disease that you could think of, the fact remains that Scientologists are not known for their longevity any more than they are known for their superior intelligence.

There are no lack of suspicious deaths in Scientology; the most blatant example of death by Hubbard tech is Lisa McPherson who died not long after reaching the state of “Clear.”  Her death was not only tragic but it set a new record in lying by Scientology.  If you know anything about this cult you will know that reaching a new level of lying takes a lot.  The truth is that Scientologists are so arrogant the feel that they don’t owe the rest of the world anything; that includes both facts and truth.

Another victim of Hubbard’s “tech.”

Meanwhile, I have heard that Heber Jentzsch was let out of “the hole” long enough to appear at the memorial service for his son before being hauled back to durance vile.  It must be hard for a man of his years and dedication to Scientology to have little Davy Miscavige as his jailer.  Here former Flag Captain Debbie Cook tells just how bad things are in the Scientology prison.

Heber in better times.

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