Narconon, Scientology; the Shame of Oklahoma, con’t.

The question that has to be asked at some point is what on earth are the good Christian people of Bible-belt Oklahoma doing allowing Narconon, a fake drug rehabilitation program, to be licensed in their state?  Narconon is not just “affiliated” with Scientology.

It IS Scientology.  The money that Narconon makes goes right into the coffers of Scientology.  The sales people of Scientology that refer people to Narconon (they get a commission) may try to hide the Scientology origins and links to Narconon but the practices of Narconon are one-hundred percent L. Ron Hubbard.  There are a number of web sites that expose this connection, here is one of them

Scientology was founded by the science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard, d. 1986.  Although he got poor grades in the three years that he attended college at George Washington University, and failed nuclear physics, he considered himself an expert on just about everything under the sun.  This included medicine, the treatment of diseases and science in general.

Pictured above Hubbard hooks his “E-Meter” (a primitive lie detector) to a tomato plant.  He achieved much notoriety for his views on talking plants; this particular picture made it into “Newsweek Magazine” during the 1960’s.  This is the level of thinking that can be found in Scientology.  No matter if you are looking at Hubbard’s quaint ideas about curing cancer or his system for removing faulty behavior in your previous life it is all the same.  There is no “Science” in “Scientology.”  For more information about Hubbard’s adventures in botany read this chapter of Russell Miller’s biography of Hubbard, “Bare Faced Messiah.”

Here is what Hubbard’s son, who worked closely with his father on many projects, had to say about the great thinker and founder of Scientology.

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