The Ideal Org vrs. the Idle Morgue. Another Scientology swindle.

To the Scientologists on the 2011, “Maiden Voyage” of the cult’s infamous slave ship, Freewinds, the picture they were given of the new Ideal Org in Zürich looked very upbeat and appealing.  Progress was certainly being made on clearing the planet!!  Just look at the wonderful building that was of the many products of their donations.  Why this event was called the “Maiden Voyage” I don’t know since Scientology has owned this ship for years.  But anyway, these are not your ordinary small fry members doing the TR’S or The purification Rundown.  Nope, these were the heavy hitters taking the upper level OT courses.  After years of giving, giving and taking courses they were there for the God-like powers of the OT’s.  They must have thrilled at the sight of the new center in Zürich.

But as so often happens within the cult of Scientology the upper level trainees were being hand a big, glossy colored bit of camel dung.  Here is what the building looks like today.

For more on the amazing buiding program of Scientology go here:

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