More About Scientology Expansion.

When Scientologists are shown the glossy pictures of the new “Ideal Orgs” they can’t help but be impressed.  After all, pictures don’t lie.  And neither does Scientology senior management.  Or do they??  Here is what the good Scientologists in the UK were shown as proof of Scientology growth.

The promise.

I am sure that some of the older members were saying to themselves, “It’s about bloody time” for England had been exposed to Scientology for many years now.  But alas, since the Great Mariner had set sail with his bathtub navy, the Sea Org, in the 60’s, growth in Scientology has been moribund.  At the moment critics estimate the number of Scientologists in the UK to be in the single digit thousands.

Too bad for the dedicated cultists that the above picture was a sham and a deception.  If they took a drive today this is what they would see.  For more than five years they have been raising money on this project.  But where has it all gone??  It certainly hasn’t been spent on renovations.  As it is the buildings are quickly deteriorating.

Another Scientology lie.

Geez, honey, are we at the right place?  This is bad.  Let’s take a look around back.

What a dump!  It would take ten OT’s and a boy to fix this mess.

This property has been like this for years nows  Pictures are from

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