Pictures of Progress; the Expansion of Scientology.

Here is the Valley Org in Orange County, CA.  I should say that this is how it is in Scientology propaganda.  This is  heavily photoshopped of course.  Just how long is that building anyway??

The Promise.

Here is how it really looks.

The broken Promise.

As always Scientology tries to promote their image as a vibrant, growing and respected voice in the world.  This bird will never fly; the truth is that they are a shrinking and discredited group of fools serving a money-grubbing dictator.

But alas, there is nothing new under the sun, not even in Scientology. 

At an event in LA in 1999 Scientology released pictures from one of their big events.  Too bad that ex-member Arnie Lerma found after studying the pictures that the photos had been altered to fill up empty seats.  It was a terrible job of photoshopping but that is Scientology for you.  They are good a theft and extortion; not so good on other things.

The big event that was not.

Some people really lost their heads at this event!

Scientologists lack brains; in some cases they have no head at all !!

The audience went wild, some of the more advanced members were able to use their Scientology powers to be in two places at the same time.

Welcome to the rabbit hole of Scientology!  Hold on to your hats for one wild ride.

For the Washington Post article that covered this story go here:

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