Scientology Fundraising; A Bonanza in New Orgs.

True Scientologists don’t doubt for an instant that they are expanding.  After all, they see the proof of it in the Scientology magazines and promotional literature.  These new “Ideal Orgs,” are touted on the Scientology web sites.  And as we all know pictures don’t lie.  Here is a picture of the Mountainview, CA, org. in all of its glory:

Below are some recently taken pictures.

And a final view of this insignificant building.

THIS is the same building as in the promo piece?  Yep, it is.  Although is was a swindle on a local level it served a higher purpose.  Scientology made money on their slice of the local fundraising and people not from the area looking at the PR would be impressed as all hell!

The money made by Scientology from fleecing the local sheep must be significant since they are engaged in so many of these efforts.  The cult of Scientology would not scratch their collective butts unless they made money; they seldom feed oats to dead horses.

However wags are quick to call “Ideal Orgs” as “Idle Morgues.”  For more information on the cult of empty buildings and their “photo tech,” go here:

Photographic chicanery has been used by Scientology many times in the past; it is not a new practice by any means.  Here is a picture of L. Ron Hubbard speaking to an adoring crowd in front of St. Hill sometime during the early 1960’s.

Below, the same picture as it was printed in Scientology literature in 1985.  The people removed are thought to have quit Scientology which would make the “Supressive Persons,” or just “SPs.”

For more on the creative use of photographs in Scientology go here: