Scientology Fundraising; A Bonanza in New Orgs Pt. 2

If there is one thing that the shrinking cult of Scientology does not need it is more buildings.  Since membership has been in decline for many years now the existing premises are more than sufficient to hold whatever amount of publics that can be dragged to events.

But the myth that the Scientology is growing and gaining in its influence is too important to neglect.  So opening new “Idea Orgs has an important morale meaning to their membership.  Also, it would reflect poorly on the leadership abilities of David Miscavige to admit that they are indeed, shrinking in numbers.

But there is another item that seems to fly under the radar of the unsuspecting gullible members and that is that Scientology management always gets a slice of the action.  This happens everywhere but the most notable example is the “Super Power” building in Clearwater where they collected tens of millions of dollars beyond construction costs that went right into the coffers of Scientology.

Today’s “Ideal Org,” is to be found in the California city of Stephens Creek.  Once again the Scientology PR department paints a nice picture of the building that the public will rush to in order to get at L. Ron Hubbard’s “tech.” Below, the Stephens Creek org as shown by Scientology.

As it appears in Scientology publications.

What it really looks like.

This insignificant building is more than big enough to handle any influx of new members. Actually a WWII army surplus pup tent would be big enough to hold their new members.  More than likely this building will languish on for a time until at last it runs out of money to pay the taxes or the utilities.  We have seen this happen too many times in the past to think that this case will be any different.

  Regardless of the eventual fate of this new empty building it did serve a purpose in allowing cult members to use their wonderful tech of subterfuge.   Scientologists can’t seem to help themselves when it comes to lies and misrepresentation.  Not since the day of the old USSR were photographs ever manipulated as often and as shamelessly as this.

Do we have more examples of Scientology picture “tech?”  Yes we do, behold:

The Incredible Shrinking Board!!

Narconon is a Scientology front group (hidden behind yet another front group) that delivers a fake drug rehabilitation program based on the teachings of the famous lunatic L. Ron Hubbard.  They claim to be separate from Scientology but they get their marching orders from David Miscavige just as all Scientologists do.  Just like the lying thieves of the parent group Scientology; they are not about photoshopping pictures.l

Below is a picture of the Narconon Advisory Board from December of 1995.


 Back row: Ray Stowers, W. Kent McGregor, Vladimir Ivanov, David Root, Paolo Bruschelli.
Front row: William Marcus, Shelley Beckmann, Forest Tennant, Alfonso Paredes, Megan Shields, John Duff.

The above picture was used for years but in December of 2000 changes were made.  By December of 2000, John Duff was cropped from the right side of the picture, and Forest Tennant was Photoshopped right out of the middle!

Now two are gone!!

The above two members are joined by Vladimir Ivanov who quit.  So he is also made an un-person.


With three people now gone one would think that they would stop using that picture.  But you don’t know Scientology. Here they are again minus W. Kent McGregor.


Not only is Scientology shrinking in numbers they are apparently disappearing from history as well.  For more on this interesting subject go here: