Portland, Oregon. Anyone want to buy an org?

In January 2008 the Church of Scientology, Portland, Oregon bought the twelve story Stevens Building.   This was announced with all of the fanfare and PR noise that the cult could summon.  They claim to have some 1,200 members in Portland.

But just two years later, after a lot of the usual savage fundraising by the cult it was announced, with less fanfare, that Scientology was selling the building.  Not only were they selling but the asking price was $430,000 below the price that they bought it for!!  And the reason that was given for this sale was one that caused a lot of distress from laughter among Scientology watchers; according to the resident Scientology PR liar, was that the building was too small!!

The membership in Portland is probably in the same league with most other large US cities.  In other words there are a couple of hundred active members at most.  As to the money from the fundraising that money will not be seen in Portland any time soon.  The locals will have to eat the loss from the sale of Stevens Building and after that, nobody knows for sure.  But it is a safe bet that a much smaller building will be used.  For more on this story go here:  http://idleorgs.com/category/west-usa/portland/

Above, the Cincinnati Org at night, a very impressive sign.  And the even better news is that this picture is the real thing; it has not been tampered with!

The only fly in the ointment is the fact that the Cincinnati Org is located about 20 miles south in the city of Florence, in the great state of Kentucky.  Recently the Scientologists of Cincinnati sold the building that they completely owned, in a highly visible location, for a loss of half a million dollars all so that they could relocate into the middle of nowhere.

And the sign?  Yes, it is very impressive and no doubt the garbage collectors who travel to the rear of the building will be suitably awe-struck.  The sign is in the rear of the building facing the parking lot and dumpsters.

For more information go here: http://idleorgs.com/category/east-usa/cincinnati/

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