Ex-Scientologist Story # 406, John Brousseau, -32 years in the Sea Org.

Another defector from Scientology has his story chronicled in the “Village Voice,” by veteran reporter Tony Ortega.  Above photo and quotes are taken from the editions published 7/28/2010 and 7/29/2010.  The whole of the sordid story of Scientology from the inside is told here.  We see an impressionable young man falling in with Scientology at a young age who ended up as a jack-of-all-trades for the aging guru of the cult.  John could, and did, just about everything and anything.  His comments concerning David Miscavige are damning in the extreme.  LIke all weary pilgrims who have worn out their sandals in chasing after the dream of Scientology he eventually made his way to the abode of Marty Rathbun in S. Texas.  Marty, once the henchmen of this sadistic leader, keeps an open table for those who rebel against his old boss.

John Brousseau was only 20 years old when he ran into Scientology.  He was recruited into the Sea Org where he was to stay for over three decades.  In his time in this fanatical group he was to rise to near the top; along the way he saw many interesting thing.  So much so that here we will list only a few highlights from his story.

Early on he came into contact with Hubbard at the secret Scientology base at La Quinta, California.  This was during Hubbard’s film make phase.  La Quinta at this time was also the place where some very nasty RPF activities took place which gives lie to the tale that Hubbard’s hand were clean in such matters.  Interesting enough the miserable conditions for the staff members were the direct cause of Hubbard, the great war hero, having to flee after his cover had been blown.

Among the workers was a teenaged girl named VerDawn Hartwell. Brousseau remembers when VerDawn’s parents, Ernie and Adell Hartwell, showed up at the ranch. “They were really old,” he says. “They looked like they were in their late 60s or early 70s. Really out of place. Everyone was young. Hippie types. They stood out,” he says. But they had some peripheral experience in the entertainment industry, and had been asked to come to the Cine Org. Shocked by the conditions they found, with young Sea Org members living in squalor, the Hartwells soon left, and were severely harassed by Scientology operatives, as Atack describes in detail. They ultimately went to the police.

To read the Hartwell’s story go here:  https://androvillans.wordpress.com/2011/04/20/ex-scientologist-story-40-the-hartwells-dancing-in-the-desert/

Hubbard, fearing the IRS and the lawyers from various former members who were now getting in line to sue him, kept a low profile.  The staff from La Quinta went to Gilman Hot Springs but John stayed with Hubbard’s immediate staff that stayed in rented apartments in nearby Hemet.  However, this was in the era [late 1979] of Snow White and by now Mary Sue Hubbard was soon to go for a long vacation in federal prison.   

For more on Snow White go here:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Snow_White

The Scientology world was told that Hubbard was off doing “research.”  However, there was no such “research” being done at this time, or any other for that matter.  Hubbard and a handful of his most servants ended up settling down at a place in S. California known as Newberry Springs.  Here Hubbard pottered around with his cameras and other projects until he died of a stroke in 1986.  This left a power vacuum that existed for a short time until David Miscavige elbowed everyone else aside and took control.  The sadistic nature of Miscavige soon made life miserable for those who had been too weak to take control of Scientology by themselves.

Tom Cruise, actor and boot polisher for David Miscavige got a lot of ink in this story.  Little wonder as he is the most visible public member of Hubbard’s cult.  John was close to Cruise for a number of years.

But more interesting to me than the stories told about a brain-dead movie star was the fact that Brousseau was the one who was responsible for putting the windows and locks and the buildings that would eventually known to the world at large as ‘The Hole.”

About 50 people in international management — also called “Exec Strata” — were working out of some offices constructed from a couple of double-wide trailers at the Int Base. They were known as the “CMO Int” trailers, for Commodore’s Messengers Organization International.

One day, Brousseau says, he was called to the CMO Int offices. “I was there with Laurisse Stuckenbrock, Miscavige’s personal communicator. Miscavige comes storming out of the trailers, points to the wooden sign above the main doors, and says, ‘Take that fucking thing down, they don’t deserve to have that above the door.’ So I did it,” he says.

“A few days later, he has them all march up to Building 50 [the offices of the RTC] and put into one big room. He gives them all pieces of paper and tells them to write down all of their crimes against humanity. He had them starving in there all damn day. Someone eventually brought them some food. Then I was told to change the deadbolt lock on the door to that room in Building 50. I had to change the lock so the keyed side was on the inside. So he could lock them in,” he says.

Eventually they were marched to another set of buildings, known as “Berthing,” where they were allowed to get some sleep.

“It was a group séance, a total mindfuck. They were being told to confess their crimes,” Brousseau says.

“They were up there for about three days. Miscavige was trying to figure out what to do with them. Then, all of a sudden I got called by one of his personal secretaries, Ailon Barram, who told me to meet him at the CMO Int trailers,” he says.

Brousseau was told that Miscavige wanted the trailers made secure. “He wants steel bars put on the three doors. He wants it so no one can blow from this place,” he says.

“So I went down to the big garage. I knew where everything was. I rummaged around and found some real heavy chrome-plated steel tubing. Kind of oval. I went and measured every door, cut the pipe, made holes in the end with a drill press, and then put them on with these big ass nasty screws. I put bars on each of the three doors. In the windows, I put in a block with weird screws that no one would have a bit for in their pocket,” he says.

“The next morning, these people all got marched down to the new ‘Hole’ that I’d built. I’d turned it into a prison.”

Hubbard’s teaching were here to find their fullest expression under the sadistic eye of his young apprentice.  As for John Brousseau he has stated that now he has little time for Scientology.

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