Ex-Scientologist Story #410, “Sunshine Rundown, what a load of crap.”

Ian Walton’s story is very similar to the stories of others who were children of Scientology parents who put Scientology first, their children second.  These fanatical servants of Hubbard were often absentee parents who neglected their offspring’s welfare.

They say we picked our scientology parents. But my parents  were not even aware of it when I was born, so I feel no guilt for leaving.  Jumping off “the bridge” as I like to say. The 14 years I spent growing up in the psudo-church, all put in perspective now, were just plain SICK.

Our first apartment in Hollywood was on Tamarind. I have vague memories of the first org we went to. Seedy as hell, below street level, and you had to fight off the bums to get into the parking lot. For some reason the next few years are a blurrrrrr.

I remember Stan Miller and the 2 way mirror in the guest room in back. I remember apple school very well. Getting kidnapped off of school grounds by pedophiles,and not being missed until well after school. I was dropped off at a donut shop on the other side of town the next morning after sleeping under a freeway bridge. I remember being “broken” by 2 straight days of “touch that wall, good, now touch that chair. good,now touch the desk, no I want to stop now ,touch the desk…..” and most of you know how the rest goes. I remember flying to Oregon to go to Delphi, where I was by my moms own admission
“neglected” and disheveled when I returned.I remember not seeing my dad for years after he went “squirrel”. Then I got to see him 2 or three times before he died in a bizarre accident that made no sense (makes sense now).

I remember going clear at age 12 or 13 and stating that I wanted to be the youngest OT.That (and the fact that my dad made $100 an hour) really got the registrars fired up.

I think the turning point for me was when I saved for years, and my
parents matched me 3 to 1, for the sunshine rundown. What a load of crap. Two thousand for that load of lame crap. I remember Applied Scholastics and Valley Apple and Larry Denison’s school, both in his apartment and in the strip mall, and Debbie Mace and her wife Carolls school in east LA. I REMEMBER NARCONON AND THE FIRST TIME I SAW SOMEONE SHOOTING UP IN THE COMMUNITY BATHROOMS THERE AND BEING SENT OUT TO SCORE DOPE FOR MY FELLOW DOPERS AND I HID IN THE UNLOCKED FOLDER STORAGE ROOM TO SMOKE HERB 2 OR THREE TIMES A DAY FOR WEEKS AND WHEN IT . . . Wally Hanks ranch
in Palmdale and how my dog died shortly after I got there. A lot of animals died horrible deaths there. The only good that came out my stay there was I got a wolf-dog puppy when I left. I can personally confirm a lot of what Astra said about that place, guns,beer every Friday, shooting drunk, riding motorcycles . . . .

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