Ex-Scientologist Story #417, “lied to, scammed and financially raped . . .”


Charles Jeronimo had been a public member at the Stevens Creek Mission before joining the Sea Org.   In his posts about his time in Scientology he had some very hard words for the cult in general and certain members in particular.  This was posted in October of 2011:

Today is the one year anniversary of my walking up and down Sunset Blvd. blinded by tears, suicidal & having a nervous breakdown because I realised that I’d been lied to, scammed and financially raped by “Church” of $Scientology cult & (Sea Org. para-military) members Kirk Steele, Lisa Starkey, Laura Kindermann, of ASHO and Dan Bragin, & Tim Edwards of the IAS. Others include Miriam, (Bright?) IAS & Tony (last name?), public.

A few days later after this epiphany I’m ashamed to admit the so-called Asst. Chaplain the detestable Lisa Starkey talked me out of signing a Routing Form at the time. Yes, she gave me the “your eternity” bit. I was at about 49% “I don’t give a fuck, you bastards robbed me”, but, there was the other 51% of falling for the cults BULLSHIT.

I came home to Oregon in April and over the next few months tried to recover my sanity and equilibrium. It was pretty hard but I have to credit my mother for helping me to get most of the way back. It was the most difficult time of my life. I’ve never really suffered in my life until last year. What also helped was finding ESMB.

In Sept. 2011 I was feeling good enough to begin to get my money back. Thus began the current comedy. Finding the correct clown, (Adam Ghiorra)  in the ASHO circus proved a challenge. But in early Oct. the “communication” via emails began and after a ridiculous amount of passive/agressive behaviour on his part I received a wavier form signed it, notarized it and sent back. After repeatedly inquiring of the status of my money I was finally told my “terminal” is now the CVB and was told to stop bothering ASHO. They’ve ignored numerous emails, letters, and phone calls regarding how much money I have on account at ASHO. The CVB & IAS have also failed to respond.

In my last letter to ASHO & the CVB I stated that today March 13th 2012 was the day I seek to get my money back via legal means. There has been plenty of time, since October of 2011, for them to respond to me about my very basic question of how much money I have on account at ASHO. And when I’m going to get it back.

They are in violation of their own policy letters and agreements with the IRS regarding their 1993 tax exemption. As well as being a horrible corporate citizen who treat customers like shit. A couple weeks ago I obtained a lawyer and now the legal circus begins. Have it your way cult. It’s not costing me anything. I would have just went away quietly if you would simply have returned my money that was taken from me. I never would have said a word. Not now. You’ve created a life long enemy of your cult.

I’ve already been to see the local Sheriff and Police chief, they were very interested in my experience with the cult and thanked me for enlightening them with further study material on the cult’s history and tactics. Horrified by you, actually. “Church, my ass” was one comment. If you attempt to DA me with law enforcement it will fail.

Kill me? Couldn’t care less, you already tried last year with your “tech”. FAIL. Even if you succeed I’ll be back.  So send your down-stat goons. (a little Scio humor).

By all that’s holy, God, I hate you bastards. You robbed me of my dreams, you know what I mean, Kirk Steele. And you too Tim Edwards, You fucking piece of shit.

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