Ronnie Bell Throws in the Towel After 30 Years, Ex-Scientologist Story #418


In this blog I concentrate on telling the stories of people who have left Scientology for good.  But now and then a good story comes along from somebody who still believes in Hubbards “tech” but can’t stand how Scientology is run.  David Miscavige, the dictator of Scientology, has his own way of doing things and those ways have ruffled a lot of feathers. Here is the story of one man, Ronnie Bell, who knows what he wants and what he doesn’t.  Here are some of the salient points he made.

My name is Ronnie Bell. I am now, and will always be a Scientologist.

After about a year of searching, I found Scientology in early 1973, when I was nineteen years of age. I attended a standard Dianetics lecture at the L.A. Org, and routed right onto the Hubbard Apprentice Scientologist (Comm) course. Long story short – that course was run Flag-style, and the incredible wins I experienced made me a Scientologist for life. Although I didn’t do a lot of training after completing the Comm Course, I read most of LRH’s books, did the HQS Course, and an introductory Ethics course, all in my first two years.

Outpoints and Things That Should Not Be within the Church of Scientology”

1. By direct observation, the number of students on major auditor training courses has fallen continuously and precipitously over the last 30 years.

2. Most Int level execs known to the public, have virtually disappeared from public view. In fact, the whole of the Int Exec Strata which was widely known to Scientology public has now become virtually invisible or non-existent. Letters and KRs to individuals, posts, and offices at that level, now routinely go unanswered.

3. Orgs have become more like new car dealerships, than oases of spiritual freedom. Public are often trapped into crush sales situations by staff of every level whenever they venture into an org. This aggressive over-reach on the part of church staff even extends to parishioners’ homes and businesses.

4. HGCs are much quieter and emptier than in decades past. Again, by direct observation.

5. The practice of disconnection is in full use by church officials today, despite the policy being canceled by LRH more than 40 years ago (see RJ 68). This has been attested to by hundreds of Independent Scientologists, whose friends and family members have been coerced into disconnecting from them after they have left the corporate church.

6. Clears and OTs have routinely had their Clear state invalidated on auditing lines for close to a decade. This has apparently been done by executive order, and has no basis in the written technology of LRH. This is a monstrously suppressive act, and has caused untold anguish, hardship, and disaster for thousands of Clears and OTs. Many have been spiritually crashed by this action, including myself.

7. An unwritten rule that parishioners should ‘not look – not listen’ has somehow solidified into a tacit agreement over the last three decades. Scientologist public are often warned by org terminals to ignore widespread reports about the church in the news media and on the internet. This violates a person’s right to freely give and receive communication, per the Code of Honor.

8. As a result of this suppress on Scientologists’ comm lines, most who are actively on lines in the church have no idea of the very real outpoints and failings of church management, both domestically, and internationally.

9. The international church puts on at least four major international events each year, which is a violation of LRH policy on the subject. LRH specifically forbid such gargantuan galas, as they take staff and public away from auditing and training, and drain precious financial resources.

10. All such international events are staged for the primary purpose of crush selling the public on new books and lectures, or for donations to the IAS. This is proven by the fact that public who attend such events are routinely funneled through a physical gauntlet of registrars and high pressure sales people when these events conclude. Church staff are even posted at the exits to force the public into the crush regging area.

11. Donations to the IAS from the Scientology public now number into the hundreds of millions of dollars, but there has been little result shown for such a massive outpouring of support. The public has been told that the IAS is keeping the church safe from outside suppression, but anyone availing themselves of widespread news coverage of the church’s court battles and struggles with governments, can see that this simply isn’t so. For the most part, church parishioners aren’t even dimly aware of what a precarious position the international church is in right now, as regards its reputation and PR with the broad public. In fact, parishioners have almost no awareness of the fact that the corporate church is primarily engaged in legal battles with Scientologists who have dared to speak the truth about gross outpoints, and even crimes they’ve witnessed within the church.

12. The public has been crush regged to donate to many ‘Ideal Org’ projects around the world. They’ve been led to believe that if they provide swank new quarters for their orgs, that they will attract new public, and help to expand the Scientology religion. Neither has occurred. Every such ‘Ideal Org’ is as empty of bodies as they were before their publics set them up in much more expensive digs. Now these orgs are in even worse shape than before, because their monthly building expenses have increased many times over. This program has forced orgs into ‘having to have before they can do’, which is a complete reversal of the natural order of Be – Do – Have. The ‘Ideal Org’ program also violates several LRH advices about procuring real estate for orgs.
See HCOPL 23 Sept. 1970 Quarters, Policy Regarding on org premises. See HCOPL 24 February 1964, Issue II Org Programming on demanding donations for buildings.

13. The so-called Super Power Building in Clearwater is a glaring outpoint. It has been under construction for at least 18 years now, and is still not finished or occupied. This has flapped all over City of Clearwater lines for years, and the Flag Service Org has taken a lot of heat from the city about that idle real estate. This has caused inestimable damage to the PR of Scientology, both in Florida, and around the world.

14. Those on OT VII are forced to report to Flag every six months for a ‘check’. As it turns out, this ‘six month check’ is nothing more than a Sec Check, which is not required in the written LRH materials regarding that level. It’s also inspection before the fact, which is expressly forbidden by LRH ethics tech advices. Reportedly, the cost for this service is $10,000 per intensive. Not only is it out-tech, but it’s an absolute rip off of dedicated and upstat public. It is also highly destructive to parishioners’ income production, and family stability.

15. Per widespread reports, 30 of the 54 Class XII auditors ever made, have been declared SP. All 8 of the Class XIIs personally trained by LRH have been declared SPs. It is illogical in the extreme that such a high a percentage of a single group of people, are actually suppressive persons.

16. Most of the first 100 Clears have also been declared, including John McMaster, Clear #1. Again, this is a strong indicator that the true SP is active within the church. . .

In Summary

I can no longer ignore that which is clearly right in front of my eyes. I have not-ised the many outpoints I have seen within the church for over two decades now, and have paid dearly for my non-confront of evil and my tacit agreement with the fallen state of my church.

I have taken the time to make my own evaluations of the hundreds of reports written by upstat Scientologists outside the corporate church, and have found them to be not only credible, but solidly backed up by LRH advices, policy, and tech. Most of what I’ve read is also consistent with my personal observations, experience, and reality.

The overwhelming body of evidence to hand proves to me that the Church of Scientology has been taken over and transformed into a dictatorship by one David Miscavige, and that he has turned it into his personal fiefdom. Voluminous testimony by scores of formerly well-respected, highly placed officers of the Church, tells a sordid tale of betrayal, violence, illegal acts, manipulation, suppression, lies, alterations, and outright destruction of the Church hierarchy by this one man.

It is abundantly clear to me, that this one man has quietly been destroying all that LRH, the Sea Org, and dedicated staffs built, in the 30 years before he wrested control away from the duly appointed officers of the Church. He is the primary driver of every outpoint listed in my write-up above.”

There is a lot more than Ronnie Bell had to say, go here to read the rest:

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