Forced Disconnection; Ex-Scientologist story #419

Susan Talbot and her friends picket the cult.

Susan Talbot and her friends picket the cult.

Tommy Davis, who was until recently the liar in chief of Scientology’s PR office, claimed time and again that there is no such thing as “disconnection” in Scientology.  But of course that fooled no one as that is one charge against the cult that has been very well documented over the years.  Anyone who quits the cult becomes a non-person in the eyes of all Scientologists including, especially including, family members.  The fear of never speaking again to loved ones acts as a strong deterrent to quitting Scientology.  Still, strong-minded people DO quit and damn the consequences.  Here is the story of one such person, Linda McCarthy, who quit after 32 years in the Sea Org.  It took a lot to drive her out of Scientology but David Miscavige and his minions were once again equal to the task.  After years of seeing and experiencing outrages within the cult Linda found her way to the blog of Marty Rathbun and after studying that  made up her mind, she states:

In studying all the information to be had, all I could do is conjure thoughts and pictures of “what can be done?” and “what can I do?”  But that was kind of a moot point, because I have a family. I have a son that I love with every fiber of my being. I love his wife and my two new grandsons. They are  Scientologists. Both ex-SO, but know anything outside the C of M is black, and anything inside, is white.  Knowing the op basis of the C of M, the disconnection enforcement, the veiled if not verbalized threats of “no-eternity-for-you”, and how the whole subject of “you’re either with us or against us” is tied up and enforced…. well, I knew what I was facing. So I put it off. . .


. . . Then I talked to my son more, with him telling me that he was going to have to disconnect, but I probably have a few hours; to let him know I could come stay with him – he’d put me up; I could get the real truth, and and and.

So the hours elapsed and that’s the end of it. No return phone calls. Nice Mother’s Day. The next day, my in-box if full of “friends” who wanted to check with me if it’s true that I’d resigned from the church,and/ or joined an SP group. No one knew anything about this cycle except me, my son, my daughter-in-law and OSA. I’m assuming my daughter-in-law hit my facebook profile and sent a bulk announcement. Then it went viral with all manner of facebook police jumping aboard.

In a 48 hour period my “friends” on Facebook went from 214 to 130.
Here’s a smattering of them:
“I was told there is something on you at AOLA”
“Is it true you resigned from the Church?”
“Brief me. I just got some news, not so good news on you crossing over the fence. I don’t have any other data except a rumor – what’s the deal? Are you okay? Still with the team, or what? Brief me.”
“I just received a comm from someone on Facebook telling me you resigned from the church and are hooked up with an SP group”.
“I was informed by someone that you have resigned from the church. And that you have connections to known SP groups. Is this truly the case?”

These are the ways the mighty “Church of Scientology” has been reduced in order to keep their members in the fold.  Yet the group is in decline and there is little upside to the shrinking band of Hubbard adherents.   Despite all the pain that Scientology causes people it is destined for the dunghill of history as a marginal note on how mean and crazy people can be when they have a bad cause to follow.

To read the entire story go here:

disconnected sign

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