Ex-Scientologist Story #422, Tiziano Lugli is free of the RTC.



Most of the stories in this blog concern people who have completely and utterly given up Scientology for good.  Yet there are some stories worth the telling of those who still yearn to follow Hubbard but cannot abide the current management of Scientology. This is one of those stories.

Tiziano Lugli is an Italian singer who was recruited to do voice overs of various Scientology training videos and related tasks.  He journeyed to Int. Base in California where he learned a lesson that others have previously learned much to their dismay.  That lesson is simply that the closer one gets to the center of power in Scientology the less and less Hubbard’s words count for anything.  Tiziano soon learned that there is only one opinion in Scientology that means anything; that one opinion is located between the ears of David Miscavige, the dictator of this group.

Tiziano was not a member of the Sea Org or even staff so he was spared the worst that Scientology management, such as it is, was forced to endure.  But he saw enough to shake his faith in how Scientology was being run.  Work at all hours of the day are as common in Scientology as 16 hour days are.  Things are always being done in a frantic rush; why this should be I don’t know, it’s not like the anyone is sitting on the edge of their chair waiting for the drivel that they pump out.  Yet stories of grossly abusive hours being worked are common enough.  And if the exalted leader should wend his way towards workers then these sleepy drones are flogged to even greater efforts.

Tiziano says, I recall one time during the night, it must have been around 3 am, where panic arose around the building and the I/C and others were running around trying to make sure everything looked perfect and getting everybody to look extra busy. I was just taking a break after my 5th lecture in a row that day (which was more production than any of the other Voice Over Talents) and I did not agree to go back and sit down and act like I was reading something. I heard Birdie (a really nice girl that was staff there at the time) saying to another staff “It’s code Red.” That chaos turned out to be self-explanatory when I saw COB walking with Shelly and Lou outside, towards the CMO building right below Audio (the famous SP Hall). Still I was amazed at the frantic reaction and the environment that was created just by having DM and his crew walk nearby.

In his litany of woes Lugli is very critical of Miscavige for changing the tech of L. Ron Hubbard.  He considers Flag Land Base in Clearwater, FL to be “The Mecca of Technical Perversion.”  This is a very serious thing to say in the world of Scientology where the purity of Hubbard’s teachings is supposed to be of great importance.

But perhaps the most damning thing that this man has to say is that it is no longer “fun” to be a Scientologist.

I remember when Scientology was fun…when Scientologists were actually UP TONE! When staff members were eager to get on their post and produce the VFPs of their Hats, not to be turned into 24/7 All Hands Regging Particles.

I remember when CC Int used to be fun. When there were not cliques of celebs and big donors, not A-B-C-D listers. Where you would have a friendly environment where people were actual friends. When Tom Davis was an upstat, uptone, funny and energetic guy, when he used to hang out with us, and even go to the movies… with all of the new upcoming talents, small and big celebs alike, and I remember when Kirstie used to be skinny too, back when we were friends.

 remember when you knew that when you’d get off your O/Ws in sessions in an FPRD they wouldn’t use it against you in case you’d leave in the future.

I remember when going to the Freewinds and Flag was a peaceful, relaxing and pure theta experience.

I remember when the Fort Harrison was NOT a 5-star Hotel with alleged 5-star service, but was FULL all the time, instead of empty as it is now.

I remember when you could talk freely about the tech with friends, questions you had, share your wins and rely on your friends for advice without getting into “ethics trouble.” 

I remember when it was all about OT phenomena and Theta wins and not just mere lousy MEST and money wins.

I remember waking up and wanting nothing else but to go on course, having the excitement to KNOW the next part on the checksheet, where pure understanding and application was the only goal of our Supervisors, not just a machine to shove you through a course in record time to show how DM’s new line-up is 10-times faster.

 I remember when Scientology would actually raise your IQ and make you more able at challenging knowledge. When it made Lions out of people, not scared and wounded sheep.

I remember when you used to finish a drill and be really happy about it knowing that you REALLY got it, instead of already feeling invalidated because you would have to re-do it 5 more times by the Golden Age of Tech new checksheet. . .

The Church of Scientology we once knew is DEAD.

To read the rest of this interesting story follow this link.  http://www.scientology-cult.com/tiziano-lugli.html

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