Denise Miscavige Gentile Arrested for DUI, Pot possession

In the Saturday, June 29th edition of the Tampa Day Times reporter Joe Childs tells of the January 22nd arrest of Denise Gentile, a prominent Clearwater Scientologist and sister of Scientology leader David Miscavige.  The use of drugs, even certain medical ones, are anathema to Scientology so this news must have shocked the Scientology world.  Mrs. Gentile was, and still is as far as it is known, an employee of a Scientology school in Clearwater.  her mug shot is shown below.

dm's sister

Perhaps just as damning was the allegation made by the paper that property that she owned was considered by police to be a known place of durg activity; in other words a, “drug house.”  The paper backed that up with interviews of people who had lived there.  Here is an excerpt from the article:

“Small cigars called blunts are cheap, sold everywhere and easily converted into marijuana joints.

Currie was smoking one on the steps of his upstairs apartment when his landlord walked up.

“She asked me, did I have any more?”

“I told her, ‘Yeah.’ “

That night, Denise phoned him, Currie said, asking what he had been smoking. He told her.

“She was like, ‘Well, can you hook me up?’ “

Denise paid for blunts with rent money Currie handed her in an envelope, he said.

“She would sit in her car, count it. But then she’d say, ‘You got any cigs?’ ” She would give him $30 or $40 for a few blunts, he said.

He soon proposed a new arrangement. He’d pay the water bills with blunts instead of cash. A blunt was worth $10, he told her, so he’d give her 15 for a $150 water bill. He paid his bill with marijuana for months, he said.

Denise often called or texted to alert him she was coming by.

“I’d ask, how did she want it? Half money and half cigs?’

“She’d say, ‘Can I have it all in cigs?’ “

A couple of times, she bought hydroponic blunts. They were $20. Currie sold her just two or three at a time. He paid the rest of his water bill with regular pot.

Currie said he gave Denise 10 to 20 marijuana blunts nearly every month from summer 2011 until he was arrested and jailed in October 2012.

“It was a monthly thing,” he said. Weed for the water bill.

He said he never smoked marijuana with Miss Denise, but she once mentioned a previous batch hadn’t tasted good, he said.

“Denise is not a bad person,” he said. “She just came around to collect our rent. I don’t fault her. She helped me out.”

It must be noted that to the date of this breaking story Denise Gentile, through her attorney has stated that she is innocent of the criminal charges and that she rejects the accustions made by the Tampa Bay Times.  More will be posted in this blog as news becomes available.



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    • As far as I know Jerry and his wife live in Ft. Lauderdale. Sorry but I don’t have theri number.

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