No OTs in Buffalo, -Ex-Scientology Story #425

Behold the power of the Scientologists.

Behold the power of the Scientology OTs.  At this level they are, “at cause over space and time.”  In other words they can do anything they want by sheer me

Mitch and Kim Brillon have had enough of Scientology; they lost their saving, their time and their self-respect to the sinister Scientology org in Buffalo, NY.  Their story is typical of others who have fallen for the lies of Scientology; they were promised that Scientology could make the world a better place and that they themselves would gain great insights and abilities.  However, her sight of a high-ranking OT caused her some doubt.  Kim states in her story:

Does The Church of Scientology Buffalo Have Any  OT’s?

When I came to the Church of Scientology Buffalo in December 2009 to join staff. I had asked about OT’s how many, where are they, how are they doing.  My first OT Vlll experience was with Mr. Joseph Sgroi. There was an event at the Church of Scientology Buffalo, that I was asked to attend because, “someone very big from Buffalo” was going to be there and the staff wanted everyone to attend.

A man was wheeled in and everyone started clapping. I asked who it was and with admiration from one of the staff members I was told it  was Joe Sgroi and he was an OT Vlll. Why was he in a wheelchair? He had a stroke, but he was OT Vlll. That’s what being in control of MEST is??  This did not make sense to me.

Hell I don’t want to spend all my money getting to that level to be in that kind of shape!! I would rather keep my money and see what life throws at me.

So how did she and her husband end up at the Buffalo org in the first place?

What The Church of Scientology Buffalo Told Me Made Sense

When I started to attend services at the Church of Scientology Buffalo, I had asked one of the staff members (a person that works within the church), “how did L.Ron Hubbard die?” (L.Ron Hubbard the founder of the Scientology “the New religion”)

I was told by not only that staff member but a couple of others was well, that he (L.Ron Hubbard) left his body because he was on a mission. He needed to do more research to clear the planet and save mankind.

This is what I recently came across on the internet from Robert Vaughn Young who was actively involved in the events surrounding Hubbard’s death. Read the whole article here for the shocking truths of his death.

Per Hubbard’s policy, they were given an “acceptable truth” because of “the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.” What that means in plain speak was that there would be panic and disaffection in the ranks if it was thought that Hubbard – the OT of all OTs, of course – was not at cause over life and death. If the tech couldn’t help him, how could it help others? That was the myth that had to be protected at all costs and that was what the story did when his death was announced. It fed the myth that everyone so wanted to believe. (And it kept the money coming in.) -Robert Vaughn Young.

In other words the story about Hubbard’s death was a lie.  This great thetan couldn’t beat the grim reaper anymore than anyone else.  

So how is Scientology doing in Buffalo?  Are they bursting at the seams?  Hardly, this so-called “Ideal Org” is dead in the mud.  Kim states that there are more staff members than public members.  I doesn’t take a genius to know where the outcome of that will be.  To read more of their story go here:

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