The Seven Problems of Scientology . . .

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The Church of Scientology has seven intractable problems:

1. Hype Fatigue: The promised miracles, powers, and abilities have never manifested and will never be manifested. This is because these claimed states do not exist and are unattainable. This is why the launch of Super Power and GAT II were DOA.

2. Crisis Fatigue: The constant hype that there is a crisis, an emergency, a threat, or a production target that must be handled right now immediately has been chronically overrun on parishioners and Sea Org alike. The Church’s state of constant crisis speaks to manipulation, extremely poor planning, and exceptionally poor management. When a large enterprise is well planned and well managed, there are few real crises. Related to the state of constant crisis is the extreme time pressure for money, stats, and production. This time pressure has been chronically overrun on parishioners and Sea Org alike. It is a truism that scams and cons use time pressure and the “time pressure scam” is run all the time in the Church.

3. Donation Fatigue: This has been widely discussed. Mike Rinder posted an e-mail in which parishioners are now being asked to “go all in” which = give the rest of your money and assets to the Church and hold back nothing. Parishioners realize there will never be any end to the demand for money. The regging will never end. Greed knows no bounds and the Cult of Scientology is greedy. No amount of money will ever satisfy the Cult’s incessant, evil, pitiless greed.

4. The Failure of the Ideal Org Program: The stark and depressing realization that all the money spent only resulted in empty and unproductive buildings has created a pervasive State of Despair in the Church.

5. The Out of Control System of Scientology: By design, the Church of Scientology is a high pressure bureaucratic machine designed to remorselessly extract the money, labor, and life energy out of it’s members every single minute of every day. The system is a greedy “grab and use” machine that sucks the bone marrow out of people and then grinds their bones into powder. The End Phenomenon of the Cult of Scientology is this: Nothing left of a person.

6. The Church of Scientology’s Horrible Reputation:The Church has earned it’s horrible reputation by it’s own policies of forced abortion, Fair Game, Disconnection, the RPF, stalking, spying, brutality, slave labor, greed, phony PR, exaggerated spiritual claims, threats, intimidation, Master Race mentality, and it’s chronic and habitual lying.

7. Scientology’s Own Self-Destructive Nature: As I have long said, the Church of Scientology is reliably self-destructive. Count on it. The Church’s self-inflicted wounds are numerous and frequent. Due to the inherent design flaws of the Church, the Church can only be self-destructive and proves this almost everyday by it’s own actions, the Church of Scientology has been gripped in a self-induced and furious “Onslaught of Self-Destruction” since 2005 when Tom Cruise created a Culture War at the behest of David Miscavige.

By Jeffrey Augustine

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