More “Forced Disconnection” Scientology, -Ex-Scientologist Story #434


When it comes to the subject of forced disconnection the “church” of Scientology still lies through its teeth and says such a policy just doesn’t exist.  However, this practice has been documented time and time again in the press and on the Internet.  A recent defector has flung the lie back in their face with bold statements on Mike Rinder’s blog.  This is what Cindy Temps says:


   When I told my other friend of 35 years about this, she said, “Cindy, I love you, but I am disconnecting from you because if the church comes after you, I’ll be next because I’m connected to you, and I can’t lose my son and two grandkids.”  I was in good standing then, and she disconnected just so that the church wouldn’t “come for her” next.  She even made me bring out my computer where she then erased every email to or from her so that the church could never see that she was in support of Debbie Cook.  She told me she hated David Miscavige and “wished he were dead” because “he ruined our church.” But in spite of that, I was the one she disconnected from, not him.  She threw me to the curb in spite of the fact that we spent a year of our lives co-auditing each other, and had enjoyed many decades of friendship — and all because she was certain the disconnection punishment would be used to rip her family from her “when they come for me.”   She acted hunted and scared, like she was under the thumb of the Stasi.  (The Stasiwas the secret police of former communist  East Germany.  From Wikipedia:  One of its main tasks was spying on the population, mainly through a vast network of citizens turned informants, and fighting any opposition by overt and covert measures including hidden psychological destruction of dissidents

      This is what our church has degenerated into, a Stasi environment, and all because the club of disconnection is used to bludgeon people to keep them in line.

      I am recently declared for “being connected to SPs.”  No mention of WHO they think I’m connected to, no Com Ev, no Bill of Particulars, no specifics, no Goldenrod.  Just vague, generic witch hunt material used to suppress a good person.  Since when does searching for truth make you suppressive?

But isn’t Scientology growing?  They make that claim day and day out.  Cindy throws cold water on that idea.


   I saw HCO decimated in my time on Solo Nots.  Instead of the veteran MAA’s I’d come to know over the years, my next trip saw not even one familiar face; instead all were very young 20 something’s, many from Eastern Europe still struggling with the language. The young kids have no time track with Scn to know how it was booming in the earlier years. They accept what is espoused as, “command intention,” not knowing that it is NOT “LRH’s intention.”  On my last trip to Flag in 2011, the Flag HGC was empty and I was my auditor’s only pc.  I was sent to the D of P, the MAA and Qual, one after another over and over so they could reg me to spend money on more intensives of auditing. They even put me on the meter and used it as a lie detector to ask if I had sold a property and what did I do with the money. This went on for days after my actual auditing was completed, and I missed 2 flights out of there by being detained to reg me nonstop.  I came home and wrote reports on all the out tech on that trip as well as the individual SO members who had been out tech. All that got me was two MAA’s at my door unannounced, unwelcome, to “handle me on my KR.”

To read more of what Cindy had to say about the state of affairs within Scientology go here:

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