Sea Org follies, Alex beached. Ex-Scientologist Story #435

Hubbard's slaves. Ignorant and abused.

Hubbard’s slaves. Ignorant and abused.

The Sea Org has been called a paramilitary force since they have uniforms, ranks and their own vocabulary of military sounding names.  But in practice they are incompetent, ill-led rabble and mere cannon fodder.  Scientology will go to great lengths to enlist members yet they often get thrown out for relatively trivial offences.  Their lives are often miserable due to poor living conditions, lack of sleep and unrealistic work targets.  Yet they sucker people into it year after year with with threats and high pressure; and also slick ads like the one above.  Does anyone really think that diminutive girl, whose head is almost lost inside that hat, could really do any fighting with that dull fake sword? But even if she could by some miracle defend herself with fencing and swordplay, of what utility would that be to Scientology?  None, it is all part of the Bull Shit that is Scientology.

 How do they treat each other?  Hubbard had little to say about kindness, respect and empathy for his troops.  Not much about human dignity either.  Sea Org members yell and scream in each others faces and threaten dire punishments for unmet quota’s.  They follow through with these threats too.  If there is one thing that this group does do very well it is to crush the live and joy out of its members.

Other than this the Sea Org members have a fun time.  Oops, I forgot one thing; they are made to spy on each other.  The list of offences is almost endless and range for the high-crime of an innocent kiss to sleeping on the job.  One of the worst things is to be guilty of wanting to leave the Sea Org; although looking around on the Internet is also a terrible crime.  Once accused of a crime the interrogations and security checks come into play.  Welcome to the group that thinks it can rule the world.

The following is a very typical story of what happens to Sea Org members that manage to keep any spirit or spine.

Alex’s Story. Chewed up and spat out.

[Danger, this story contains large amounts of in-group slang and terms that would only be understood by a Scientologist or someone who has studied this dreary cult far too long.  Danger to sanity might follow reading this, or compulsive laughter.]

Hi, my name is Alexandre Rex Salomon, (known as Alex) and this is my story:

After being on staff at Narconon Johannesburg for about 8 months in 2006, I joined staff at Joburg Day.  I signed a contract to be trained as a Class V auditor and was placed on the TTC.  After many months of training, my department’s executive, the Qual Sec (Daryl Berman), took me aside after course one day and told me that due to the new Basics release, what was needed and wanted by him and other executives was that I be taken off of the TTC and placed on the ATC (Admin Training Corps) to be trained as a Professional Registrar. I was not happy with this to say the least, but allowed myself to be convinced that this was acceptable and allowed my own reality to be compromised. He took me to the ED (Albert de Beer) and the HAS (Sabina Laktionova) and officially removed me from the TTC. In the presence of the most executive persons on the Org Board I felt too intimidated to query this at the time.

The next day when my direct senior, the SSO (Kiki Etzioni) issued me with my new TIP (to now train as a Registrar) I queried it with her, since as I understood it, a trainee could not be removed from the TTC pool and moved to another division of the Org Board. She did not come to my aid to speak out against the above executives.

I further queried this with the Cramming Officer (Thomas Pagenkopf) who agreed with me, but did not speak out against our senior Daryl nor any other party involved in the decision. After nothing came from that I decided to approach a SO member to assist (who I believed was in a good position to speak out against a decision made by a Org executives), yet the FR (Laurent Malherbe) also just agreed with me but did not do anything to help me reverse the change in post. Lastly I approached the LC AF (Robert Bokkelmann) for assistance to remain on the TTC. He very adamantly agreed that it was off-policy to take me off the TTC and move me to another department, yet told me that he did not want to get involved.

I was taken off of the TTC and put in the ATC. To my knowledge no one objected. This was my first upset with the Joburg Org.  Before all the above, when I was still new on staff, training in the division 6 course room doing the Personal Efficiency course, I met Jaco Snyman. He was also new on staff. We became romantically involved and later on moved in together and got engaged.

At some point a recruit mission arrived in Joburg. Their purpose was to man up an AOAF team to go to Flag for training.  Many events were held to recruit people for the Sea Org. At this stage my 2d Jaco was the PPO for Joburg Org Day and was at one of these events assisting to recruit. When people were called to go up on stage and pledge to join the SO – he later on told me – that the ED (Albert de Beer) convinced him to go up on stahe and announce he was joining the SO which he duly did. This was commended and encouraged by the ED (Albert de Beer) as well as the Mission I/C . This was my second upset with the Org, and had now extended to being upset with the SO and Flag too.

My objection to this was that I was not qualled for the SO (due to my drug history) and if Jaco joined, I would lose my fiancé (we had already been engaged for almost a year by this point).  I hardly slept that night when he came home and told me that he had joined the SO.

The next day at the Org I was livid and ready to again seek assistance. Jaco was passively going along with everything, yet I believed that he did not truly want to leave me and even told me it was not his fault that I could not join too.

I fought with the Mission staff who had gotten wind of my objection. They made me read the policy on the ‘Greatest Good for the Greatest number of Dynamics’. I found it ironic that the “greatest good” could be used as one saw fit, and that there were different versions thereof. My version of the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics was to leave both Jaco and I on staff and in a 2D. It included the org not losing a staff member and for me not having to sacrifice my 2D for AO AF. As I saw it, I was taking into account the greatest number of dynamics and not destroying an entire dynamic (2D), yet they somehow saw it otherwise.

The only person who took proactive action was the EO (Vanessa Kruger) who used applicable extracts from the Scn Marriage Course to handle both of us, since we had entered a mutual agreement and committed to being engaged to each other. She also addressed his commitment made to being on staff and that there was a shortage of Class V Org staff. This helped to reiterate and verbalise what I was trying to get across, which I do appreciate, since I was so upset and emotionally distraught I could hardly express myself without shouting or crying.

Yet the ED (Albert de Beer), the majority of executives and other SO members all backed the decision for him to leave staff, leave me and join the SO.

I decided that since virtually nobody was helping me, I would try to join the SO to salvage my 2D and auditor career and so I withdrew my previous statement regarding the details of my drug history. And I was signed up to the join the SO.

All SO members training for the AO AF were to train at Flag. Within a couple of weeks the AOAF Mission had arranged my visa (I was awarded a 2 year visa) and a plane ticket for the USA. In May 2008, I boarded a plane for Flag. I was the third person to leave SA for Flag for the AO AF and the first girl. I was assured that Jaco would join me there once his cycle was complete and his visa approved.

Upon arrival at the Flag base my ID, passport (all means of identification) and cell phone were confiscated and locked away. When I queried this, I was told that exterior influences may disrupt my time at Flag. I was not given access to email and I was only allowed one 10-15min supervised phone call per week. There were no pay phones on the base. These things seemed very un-kosher and I felt my first pang of enslavement. As it turns out these actions are illegal, yet Flag does it all the time.

To read the rest of the story go here:

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