Günther Völler, Ex-Scientologist Story #442

The ultimate cult of greed.

The ultimate cult of greed.

Not ever person who curses the name of Scientology dictator David Miscavige is a defector from Scientology.  On the contrary, many dedicated Scientologists lay the blame for the decline and many recent defeats of Scientology, at his door while still clinging to the notion that there is still value and merit to be found in the “tech” of L. Ron Hubbard.  Gunther Voller is one of these people; or at least he was when he posted the following in the blog of Marty Rathbun who shares many of Voller’s beliefs.

WARNING.  The extreme in-group slang of the following word salad only makes sense to Scientologists or those who have studied them for too long.  Prolonged exposure to these words, terms and literary delirium temens can cause severe  boredom.  Here is a link to Marty’s blog.  http://www.mikerindersblog.org/gunther-voller-writes-to-captain-miscavige/

To Mr. David Miscavige COB RTC


Günther Völler Public Scientologist                                                                      13 November 2013

My name is Günther Völler. I became a member of the Church of Scientology in 1987 at Bern Org, later at Zurich Org, Switzerland.  From the very first moment, I developed an intense interest in reading, studying,  learning and applying the teachings of Mr. L. Ron Hubbard.  I wanted to go up The Bridge, and I wanted to help others do so as well.

Throughout the years, I have taken many courses and received a lot of auditing, becoming a Class IV auditor, Ethics Specialist, a graduate of the PTS/SP course,Volunteer Minister, and also completed the Basics Books and Lectures.

I am on New OT VII, a Patron of the IAS, and a contributor to Basel/Zurich-Org , libraries.  I have learned much and I have great gains from my involvement with Scientology. I have the utmost respect and gratitude to LRH, and to all the staff across the globe that selflessly dedicate their lives to help others, and the many devoted public who have helped so much.

I am first and foremost a Scientologist; i.e.:  I have made it a practice to adopt stable data as I learned them in Scientology and found them to be workable and true. One Stable datum I adopted early on from The Code of Honor is:

“Never compromise with your own reality.”  Another one, is : “Look, don’t listen.”  I took these and many other data to heart and I used them as guide posts in my life every day.  “WHAT IS TRUE FOR YOU is what you have observed yourself.  And when you lose that, you have lost everything.  What is personal integrity?  Personal integrity is knowing what you know  …And to have the courage to know and say what you have observed.  … And sufficient personal belief and confidence in self   And courage that we can observe what we observe  And say what we have observed.  Nothing in Dianetics and Scientology is true for you  Unless you have observed it  And it is true according to your observation.

That is all”   Ability, Issue 125 February 1961(Tech Vol. VI, p. 23)

In following the above I must state I have found Scientology to be true. I have found LRH to speak the truth. I have also found to be true that from current and former members of our church, telling a sad tale of abuse, alteration and misapplication of the Tech, heavy-handed ethics, malfeasance, lies, out-ethics, extortion, blackmail, harassment, enforced realities and just plain viciousness.

Furthermore, I take responsibility for it happening in the first place. My communication to you today is more about an objective view of the current state of affairs in our church.  As I understand it, you are the complete leader and decision maker for our church. I also understand that all projects, programs, etc., are under your direct control and that you order and approve all of them. In other words, you run everything in the church.

Every Scientologist knows without a doubt that you are The Boss.  This is an important point, because as LRH said:  “The primary aberration in situations that are being mishandled is: “The person is unable to recognize Source.”  HCOPL 23 April 1965, Issue3, Problems.  Well, I do recognize that you are Source. Not as Source of Scientology, of course. But as Source of everything that is happening with the church today.

Here are some points:

1. The Ideal Org strategy is flawed and it is in violation of LRH’s policy

1.1:  Public all over the world are being pushed to donate, in many cases beyond their means, for the purchase of large and expensive buildings and their lavish renovations. This is wrong on so many fronts it is appalling.

1.2:  This violates the three conditions of existence, BE, DO, HAVE, and it creates a Must -have before we can do or be. I often read promo promising “the Ideal Org will boom the Org.” This is just not true and it is observable at the existing Ideal Orgs, which have not expanded in terms of new public, more students and more PCs.

1.3:  The Ideal Org strategy shifts the focus of importance from Service to a building.

1.4:  The Ideal Org strategy extracts “donations” from public, reducing their resources and ability to donate for their own Bridge. In many extreme cases, they end up saddled with a huge debt that totally removes any hope of ever being able to “go OT.”

1.5: “All Orgs must go Ideal” even violates the most basic and common sense principles of business. Many of the Orgs are not viable, have not enough staff, nor students or PCs, and are, quite obviously, floundering and empty of public. Yet, they are being ordered to expand into quarters much larger and much more expensive to maintain, before they have the natural need to expand into larger quarters.

These are some LRH references on this matter, which I am sure you are familiar with, but choose to ignore:

“We own a tremendous amount of property. We own a tremendous amount of material, and so forth. And it keeps growing. But that’s not important. When buildings get important to us, for God’s sake, some of you born revolutionists, will you please blow up central headquarters….Don’t get interested in real estate. “Don’t get interested in the masses of buildings, because that’s not important.”  Tape: The Genus of Scientology Anatomy of the Human Mind Congress 31 December 1960

“…In twenty years an enormous amount of experience has been gained regarding the quarters and  housing of orgs. From this experience there are only a few clear -cut lessons. These follow:

A. VIABILITY of the org… is the first and foremost consideration… not how posh or what repute or what image.

C. Image is a secondary consideration.

HCO PL 23 Sept 1970 Quarters, Policy Regarding –Historical

 “…So little by little, using donations you give us for your service, your training and your processing, we create little by little areas of sanity.”  LRH The Auditor #51, 1970 What Your Donations Buy

 “If the org slumps…don’t engage in ‘fund-raising’ or ‘selling postcards’ or borrowing money.Just make more income with Scientology. It’s a sign of very poor management to seek extraordinary solutions for finance outside Scientology.It has always failed.“For orgs as for pcs, ‘Solve It With Scientology’.

Every time I myself have sought to solve financial or personnel in other ways than Scientology I have lost out. So I can tell you from experience that org solvency lies in More Scientology, not patented pens or fund- raising barbeques.”

HCO PL 24 February 1964, Issue II Org Programming (OEC Vol. 7, p. 930)

2. You are lying to the public with stories of “Unprecedented Expansion”by using squirrel stats in violation of LRH’s policy.

LRH emphasized time and again that there is only one way to gauge the expansion of Scientology:

“The most direct observation in an org (or a country) is statistics. These tell of production. They measure what is done. It cannot be said too often that management is best done by statistics….Run only by statistics.” HCOPL 5 February 1970 Statistics, Management by (OEC Vol. 7, p. 514)

“Stat management is the only kind of management you can do on a production scene. Management by statistics was brought to a fine art in Scientology admin tech. To discredit it is, of course, to court failureHCO PL 20 September 1976 -1Org Series 35-1, Stat Push Clarified (OEC Vol. 0, p. 696)

“By actual experience working and managing in many activities, I can state flatly that the most dangerous worker-manager thing to do is to work or manage from something else than statistics.” HCO PL 7 July 1970 Data Series 14, Working and Managing (OEC Management Series Vol. 1, p. 68)

“Therefore the only organization that is a sound organization is one WHOSE EVERY ACTIVITY can be tabulated by statistics.” HCO PL 13 March 1965, Issue III The Structure of Organization—What Is Policy (OEC Vol. 7, p. 660)

“NEVER RUN OR MANAGE BY ANYTHING BUT STATS.” HCO PL 15 April 1982, Issue IIFinance Series 29, The Counting of Gross Income (OEC Management Series Vol. 2, p. 374)

LRH clearly lays out the 2 major stats for Scientology Orgs:

“Orgs have only 2 major final valuable products. One is well trained auditors. The other is satisfied pcs.  …Tech and Admin policy exist only to assist making these two products IN VOLUME.” LRH ED 131 INT Life Repair Block  8 December 1970 (OEC Vol. 4, p. 145)

“The product of an org is well taught students and thoroughly audited pcs.” HCO PL 17 June 1970RB KSW Series 5R, Technical Degrades (OEC Vol. 0, p. 14)

 “The individual statistic of any organization (except SH) is: HOW MANY TRAINED AUDITORS EXIST IN ITS AREA.

 The individual statistic of Saint Hill is: HOW MANY TRAINED AUDITORS ARE THERE IN THE WORLD.”  HCO PL 4 October 1967, Issue IAuditor and Org Individual Stats (OEC Vol. 4, p. 118)

The training of auditors is, therefore, the single most important activity in scientology, and its statistic is the single strongest indicator of the success or of Scientology management. But you don’t give any stats on these!

LRH also spells out, in numerous policies and bulletins, why auditor training is the senior product of all orgs and a must for all Scientologists:

“When you, as an auditor, accomplish your mission with a single preclear, you increase your confidence and your general ability, you increase your capability and what you can do for the universe at large and you win.” The Auditor, 1968 You As An Auditor (Tech Vol. VIII, p. 169)

“Getting to be an excellent auditor is a must if one merely wishes to live. But one dynamic isn’t enough. It takes all the dynamics to make a freedom. Therefore, to be Clear is not enough. To be a cleared auditor and to handle and audit people is a must if we wish to be totally free.” Ability Mag., Issue #72 Late April, 1958 (Tech Vol. IV, p. 329)

“As an auditor you can do something about life, you can confront it and have a much wider, broader view of life and people than any person, regardless of their state of case, who is not an auditor.” The Auditor, 1968 You As An Auditor (Tech Vol. VIII, p. 169)

“It is surely, surely true that nobody will make OT without training.” HCO P/L 17 March 1965 Issue I Clearing and Training (OEC Vol. 4, p. 614)

The system you replace it with is made up of unquantifiable generalities (“broad-scale impact out there”,”every ethnic, religious, and national concern on Earth”), and therefore cannot be managed by an actual statistic.

3.You have squelched the self determinism of Scientologists in violation of LRH’s policy

Since the earliest days of Dianetics and Scientology, LRH has emphasized integrity and self‐determinism as qualities central to a being. After LRH’s departure in the mid 1980s, however, more and more actions once considered a matter of personal choice be came the object of orders and threats.

Following your inspection of the Solo NOTs line at Flag in 2005, and again in 2006, a series of FSO EDs were published . Each added a new item to the growing list of “mandatories”, especially for Solo NOTs auditors:

Mandatory event attendance:

“Flag Scientologists are counted upon to attend all International Scientology events—no exceptions.”  FSO ED 8763 17 April 2007

Mandatory FSMing:

“Get 2 people onto Solo NOTs.  When at Flag for your six‐month check, you will be asked about this by your MAA and what we are looking for is compliance.”  FSO ED 8782 24 May 2007

Mandatory IAS Patron status:

“That’s why… you must become a PATRON OF THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SCIENTOLOGISTS. This is the minimum expected status.”  FSO ED 8432 18 January 2006

These are in addition to previous orders for mandatory OT Committee membership and mandatory Ideal Org participation.

The actual ethical requirements for Clears and OTs are covered in such policies as An Open Letter to All Clears and OT Courses. Neither these nor any other LRH reference tell the pre‐OT how he must contribute in order to be eligible for OT Levels. By issuing these and other “mandatories” you actually invalidated those of us who willingly were contributing. Furthermore, you  made it a crime for OTs not to attend the International events.

LRH states:

“… if a person is doing his job…ethics is considered to be in and the person is protected by  Ethics.” HCO PL 1 September 1965, Issue VII Ethics Protection (OEC Vol. 0, p. 502)

“Orders only occur where responsibility has failed.” HCO PL 23 January 1968 Orders and Responsibility (OEC Vol. 0, p. 139)

4. You have burdened OTs with excessive and unwarranted eligibilities and sec checks in violation of LRH policy

You invented the six ‐month refreshers for Solo NOTs auditors inwhich everyone gets sec‐checked. This is a blanket C/S for all the people on Solo NOTs and violates the following LRH policy:


“Therefore, to handle any uncertainty anyone might have on the subject, what CAN and what CANNOT be delivered at any point within the No-Interference Zone and its two flanking areas has now been laid out very specifically here.This is vital data that orgs of all levels and missions must have and duplicate well, as it is up to every unit deliver the tech to ensure that the No-Interference Area is correctly enforced. HCOB 23.Dec.1971RA ( will send to you on request)

But what about a case who is out-ethics and not making progress due to continuous overts and withholds or, even worse, undisclosed overts or crimes against Scientology? Such a case won’t make any progress until these are gotten off. A person who is NCG, nattery, critical or otherwise exhibiting O/Ws or out ethics must be handled so that he can make case gains.


A pre-OT who is running well and making case gain should not be interrupted” HCOB 8 March 1982

Confessionals and The Non Interference Zone.When pre-OTs that are running well and making case gain on Solo NOTs get interrupted and pulled in to FLAG for a “refresher,” at a great cost I may add, the purpose of HCO Sec Checks and the principle of inspection before the fact are also violated:

“The statement ‘I am not auditing you’ only occurs when a Confessional is done for justice reasons…  (By ‘justice reasons’ is meant when a person is refusing to come clean on a Comm Ev, B of I, etc., or as part of a specific HCO investigation when the person is withholding data or evidence from such HCO personnel).” HCOB 30 November 78R Confessional Procedure (Tech Vol. XI, p. 359)

“The basic flaw in organization is INSPECTION BEFORE THE FACT. That means inspection before anything bad has happened.

Violations are so harmful that they destroy every great civilization —the Roman, the British, the lot. For every flow is slowed or stopped….Passports, customs, safety regulations, general government interference before anything bad has occurred, add up to a SUPPRESSIVE SOCIETY and therefore, soon enough, a dead one.Penalty after the fact has occurred disciplines the criminals and does not pull down the majority to criminal level.” HCO PL 6 February 1968 Organization The Flaw (OEC Vol. 0, p. 666.)

5. You have degraded Study Tech in violation of LRH policy.

There is extensive data on the subject of study and we all understand the importance of applying it properly and leaving no misunderstood words in our  studies. LRH states:

“To clear a word, one looks it up in a good dictionary.” HCOB 23 March 1978RB Word Clearing Series 59 Clearing Words (Tech Vol. XI, p. 95)

“Any word you come across which fits one or more of the above definitions of a misunderstood word or symbol must be cleared up, using a good-sized dictionary or more than one dictionary or textbook or encyclopedia.” HCOB 17 July 1979RB, Issue I Word Clearing Series 64RB—The Misunderstood Word Defined (Subject Vol. 2, p. 315)

“A Supervisor who…lets students study without dictionaries and demo kits…and does not fully apply study tech and use Word Clearing is of course suppressive and should be declared, as he is actively blocking Scientologists from having and benefiting from Scientology.” HCO PL 30 October 1978R Courses, Their Ideal Scene (OEC Vol. IV, p. 424)

You however, know better, of course:

“These glossaries are so good, you don’t even need a dictionary.”

On the release of the Congresses at the LRH Birthday celebration,March13, 2005; same claim repeated at the Basics release, June 20.

You have arbitrarily added prerequisite courses to Auditor training lengthening the time it takes to produce auditors in violation of LRH policy.

When you announced the release of the new Professional TRs Course you also made it a prerequisite for all Academy training. This is just the first in a growing list of prerequisites to auditor training. Others to follow include the new Upper Indocs Course (1991), the new Pro Metering Course (1996), and the Basics (2007).

The effects of an increasingly elongated runway to auditor training are well covered by LRH:

“We’ve had the datum for some time that a student too long on the runway is going to lose the spark and zeal he started out with.” “New, shorter Level 0-IV checksheets have just been issued. Each checksheet has been stripped down to the key materials the student needs in order to audit that level. Starrates and twin checkouts are not given on these courses.

“The emphasis is on the basics, with tough drilling of the student on the skills of the level he’s studying—and then getting him in the chair!”

LRH ED 299 INT 28 September 1978 The End of Endless Training (OEC Vol. 4, p. 419)

6.You invented the “Golden Age of Tech” in violation of LRH policy.

In 1996, with training statistics already faltering worldwide, you released your first major solution to the problem—the Golden Age of Tech. It was here that you announced your now-famous Why:

“The blind have been leading the blind.”

This Why denigrates earlier training, even though the tens of thousands of staff and public who trained during this time period did so on LRH-written (or LRH-approved) checksheets— often with LRH directly on the line.

To this day, you continue to characterize auditors trained prior to 1996 as blind, lost, and deficient in their understanding of Scientology, including the ones trained by LRH. LRH, however, felt otherwise:

“Excellent auditor training is now in the reach of every Academy.”  HCO PL 26 May 1961 Issue II KSW Series 2, Quality Counts (OEC Vol. 0, p. 16)

“With what we know now, there is no student we enroll who cannot be properly trained.” HCOPL 7 February 1965 Keeping Scientology Working (OEC Vol. 0, p. 7)

“It takes me about 3 or 4 weeks to get an auditor through his course and doing a good flubless job.”  HCOB 16 August 1972 C/S Series 84, Flubless C/Sing (Tech Vol. X, p. 198)

 “The extremely high caliber of auditor we are turning out is causing gasps of amazement whenever these fine graduates return into an area.”  HCOB 8 March 1962 The Bad “Auditor” (Tech Vol. VI, p. 452)

“…The vast majority of auditors have a high professional conscience and are willing to study, drill and do everything possible to perfect their tech.”  HCOB 22 January 1977 KSW Series 21, In-Tech, The Only Way to Achieve It (Tech Vol. XI, p. 13)

“Auditors do by and large a pretty fine job.”   HCOB 22 July 1963 Issue III Org Technical HGC Processes and Training (Tech Vol. VII, p. 236)

“We are and always have been in the business of training auditors. We can now do so more swiftly and efficiently than ever.” LRH ED 299 INT, 28 September 1978 The End of Endless Training (OEC Vol 4, pg 419)

Therefore it is my conclusion, that you, David Miscavige, are a full‐blown suppressive, SP, LRH says“a real monster,” and that you are the one responsible for the decline of the Church and the general unhappiness that exists among the staff and public. It’s easily explainable: you are an SP, the staff and public are PTS to you.

So what is the purpose of this letter?

Firstly to tell you that I am hereby resigning from you and the Church, means that I no longer support you, because you have managed to hijack it and have turned it into a squirrel group. Handling from within is not possible, as you have really made the entire area very PTS.

I am not, however resigning from Scientology. I am a firm believer of the philosophy and in fact I am applying it here,now. I will forever be a staunch defender of Scientology and will do my best to keep KSW in.  I am joining the group of Independent Scientologists, which is in fact thriving and truly expanding, and where delivery of LRH Standard Tech, is a reality. So, like many others before me, I go.

If a ruler rules, well assist him

If he rules with violence

Do not assist him

And let that be

His penalty.  

Hymn of Asia by L.Ron Hubbard   ARC  Günther Völler

Of course there is no chance that David Miscavige ever read this letter, or would even care if he had.  But it is nonetheless instructive as to what is going on in Scientology.  People have quit from day one; there is nothing new in this; the meat grinder of Scientology has always chewed up and spit out people.  But now the numbers are indeed alarming; at least to those still trapped inside.  Grim fear stalks the walls of Scientology.  Who will be next to quit or be declared a suppressive person?

Scientology continues to buy expensive new building termed “Ideal Orgs.”  Are these really “Ideal” or are they just “Idle”?



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  1. Re-reading this OT 7 Scientologists intricate complaints, I came up with a new thought.

    On the “why” that Miscavige came up with for why training was not succeeding in Scientology, due to inadequate drilling of the followers how to do the Hubbard counseling, the “why” (reason) is stated:

    “the blind leading the blind”

    What this means is untrained, unskilled counselor trainees cannot adequately drill and mentor themselves. They lack the detailed skills to help each other.

    Like a class of sciene students without having a teacher who knows the science skills able to teach the unskilled students.

    Miscavige’s solution was the training “Drills Binders” of intricate drills that unskilled counselor trainees could use as detailed scripts for training each other how to do the intricate skills of the Scientology counselors.

    Today, this solution of the “Drills Binders”, made me remember “why” the movement has lost its skilled priorly even Hubbard trained counselors.

    The subject, the Hubbard subject, itself, the content of the subject, is lacking and faulty in so many aspects, that NO amount of solutions retain the highly skilled counselors.

    There is just a continuing brain drain so vast and bad in the past, that it brought about these situations in the wide vista of Scientology churches that they had NO skilled counselors to train and teach and mentor new counselors.

    Quitting former skilled counselors, due to Hubbard’s inadequate and faulty subject itself, killed off the ranks of the counselors, and thus brought about the “blind leading the blind” “why” that Miscavige then tried solve with “Drills Binders” training which sidesteps this problem of lack of skilled counselors to mentor new counselors.

    The Hubbard Scientology education system is what needs review to some degree, all the time.

    But even deeper is the subject of Scientology’s efficacy and is the system even today, now with this new era of “Drills Binders” (including the “Drills Simulator” which is the machine used in the training to simulate what the Hubbard Ouija-Board-Emeter device is supposed to display properly on the Emeter dial to make the “Drills Binders” drilling realistic enough to ensure the counselor trainees are drilling realistically)’ even with all this intense “Drills Binders” and “Drills Simulator” the crux of the problem is the Scientology nuts and bolts principles of what is “wrong” with people such that the Hubbard counseling questions “works” to relieve the people or help the Scientologist patient/recipient of the counseling to achieve the supposedly spiritual states of being like soul-flying out of their bodies and thus proving they are indeed souls and can transcend their bodies causitivly and control their bodies from being outside their bodies in the “out-of-body” state in relation to their bodies.

    That achievement of “out-of-the-body” state is still NOT being produced at all in the movement. No evidence is provided by any of those Scientologists who claim they can indeed operate as pure souls and fly free of their bodies and cause events on their bodies or on the environment.

    So, in truth, bottom of the “blind leading the blind” reason for failure in training Scientologist good counselors, is the subject of Hubbard’s does not even achieve what Hubbard hyped that his Scientology counseling would achieve.

    Hubbard admitted failure, and the final page in Lawrence Wright’s book, “Going Clear…” needs only be read and digested by all Scientologists to understand that Hubbard himself admitted failure.

    That’s the “why” at the bottom of why Scientology training solutions will all ultimately fail, no matter what major strategic solutions are come up with my Miscavige or by any of the other leaders in the future in Scienotlogy.

    Scienotlogy does not work to cause the soul-flying for real. It is an hallucination in the first place, and past-lives trauma which the Scientologists ultimately learn to counsel out of themselves, and also the exorcism of “body-thetans” (the surplus souls without bodies which float supposedly everywhere and infest all human beings today and everyone just doesn’t know they are infested with these “body-thetans” until you get highly trained on the secret “upper levels” of Scientology where you learn you are infested with “body-thetans” and they train you to use the Hubbard Ouija-Board-Emeter to locate your “body-thetans” and then you use Hubbard exorcism procedures of OT 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 to exorcise all of your “body-thetans” and then supposedly you are now unburdened and can soul-fly, but even then you can’t of course).

    The “why” for Scientology being a failure ultimately comes down to it being a failure of the subject.

    It’s a crank crackpot pseudo-quack therapy (past-lives trauma relief) and it is crank crackpot exorcism of “body-thetans” which don’t exist.

    Snipe-hunting fake religion is the real problem.

    Chuck Beatty
    ex Sea Org 1975-2003

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