The Whole-Track Security Check

In the world of inane thoughts and crass stupidity Scientology stands as a class apart.  Want proof of this assertion?  Take a look at this then.  It is a series of questions that Scientologist are expected to answer as part of their series of interrogation.   Hubbard was big on interrogating his followers paranoid man that he was.  These “sec checks” as they are known in Scientology parlance are not free either; you have to pay in one way or another to be abused in Scientology.  This list goes on and on to well over a hundred questions but to save your brain from exploding due to an excess of puerile and stupid questions I am only list the first few.  How do they know you are telling the truth?  They use an e-meter, a piece of 1930’s technology that had been updated by a Chiropractor in 1954, but that is another story.


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