Disconnection and Abuse in Scientology


Teens are often recruited into the Sea Org, the group that administer the “tech” to the public Scientologists and to the world at large which they think is panting after Scientology help and assistance. They sacrifice their education for the goal of “clearing” the planet which is, in the parlance of Scientology, bringing everyone under their control.  This will end, they believe, all the insanity, crime and drug addiction and the like.  To make life in the Sea Org sound palatable recruiters promise vacations, time off to see parents, good living conditions, adequate pay and free courses.  All of this is drivel; what they get is no time off, crowed living conditions, zero personal freedom and the pleasure of being screamed at and threatened by their superiors.  If they manage to leave Scientology, and many do, they are cut-off from any friends and relatives still in by the policy of disconnection. So many families are split; children from parents, brother from sister, uncle from nephew and so on.  Such is the wonderful world of L. Ron Hubbard.  Follow this link and watch this interesting, but maddening, story.

Disconnection and Abuse in Scientology


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