Tom and Kate split: What Katie is afraid of: Children in Scientology.

Adults are not the only ones used and exploited by Scientology; children are used as virtual slaves by this group of Hubbard followers who believe that only they have the right to decide what rules and laws the rest of us should live by.  Below is part of a segment done by some German newscasters in a documentary.

Here is a site that documents Hubbard’s teaching concerning children.

A story of Scientology abuse in  Australia.  There are many such accounts; this is a religion??

This story is from the niece of the Scientology dictator.

Part two of above.

It’s no accident that the big name actors, singers, musicians and the like have ended up in Scientology.  It is part of a concerted effort.

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Fraud in Phoenix, “Idle Morgue” comes to town. Cult of Empty Buildings.

Bus ride fund raiser.

This flyer is from Marty Rathbun’s blog; it was sent to him by some mope in Scientology as proof that they are “expanding.’  Those of us who have followed the cult know well enough that Scientology is in serious decline; a fact they try hard to hide.

I have long maintained that wherever you find numbers of Scientologists you will find court cases and scandals to prove it.  Such is the case in Phoenix.  They wasted no time in making enemies while attempting their “expansion.”  Here is a newspaper article from October of last year.  See for yourself how good Scientology is at making friends.

Scientology’s Newly Purchased “Ideal Org” Building in Phoenix Will Become a Recruiting Tool — Once the Last of Its Tenants Gets Kicked Out

Follow this link to read the story:

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