Sandra K. Wyninger ex-Scientologist story #2

Scientology started with aliens and ended with aliens.

May, 1950, Dianetics starts off in Astounding Science Fiction with an alien glaring back at you.  It ends with the Scientology OT series only this time you glare back at the aliens.…
Sandra K. Wyninger says that,“After many years of struggling to get up to the point of doing my OT 3, I opened the pack, this confidential pack that I had worked for so many years to get to, only to find in my mind, that it was complete science fiction. There was no way I could agree to it. When I complained, I was taken into review. The OT 3 staff charged me $3,000 more just to complain.”

Follow the link for more, this is a short story but one that gets
right to the point.   And just for fun here is a little something about Hubbard.

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Kathy Raine, ex-Scientologist story #1

The Truth is Out There, Too Bad L. Ron Hubbard Didn't Find It!!…

Kathy Raine, former Scientologist says, among other things:

‘The group in Connecticut split up shortly after I was exposed to it, and I made my way to Ithaca, NY, just as aimless and friendless as I was in Connecticut. Eventually I looked around for a Scientology group at nearby Cornell University, and was referred to one in Elmira, 45 minutes away. I soon moved there. It was in this Elmira group where I became deeply involved with the inner workings of Scientology’s beliefs and its social structure. I think it’s accurate to say that Scientology makes itself out to be a “helping” group, which attracts many people. Those who stay get sucked in by a multitude of mind
control techniques that break down a person’s free will. Of course the bottom line is you hand over your own power and believe that Scientology has the key to existence. And it quickly becomes a game of  victims and masters, all down the line — from the “Mission holder” (like the Executive Director) to the student. Scientology is a system of living that allows the fear and evil in people to rise to the surface and truly shine! Everyone in it becomes a mini-L. Ron  Hubbard (maniacal founder of Scientology), with perverse power and money games mixed up with your psychological survival.”

Here is a little something about Xenu.  All hail Xenu!!


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